Monday, May 18, 2009

Accessorizing My Inner Rock Star

We've all got our moods. (Cheapy can attest that I certainly do.) And my mood is always reflected in my clothes. I've got my beige days and my hot pink days. My blazer days and my ruffle days. My demure days and my rock star days. Lately rock star has been in heavy rotation.

It started on a recent trip to the Gap Clearance Center with my top-of-the-list shopping friend from Brooklyn. In the pile of 27 items I'd dragged into the dingy dressing room I discovered a perfect pair of low rise skinny pants in a groovy grey with loads of zipper and snap pockets. I want to wear them more often than I don't. And they were like five bucks.

Then I got a deal-of-the-day email from (which you should all sign up for right now) and found these Boutique 58 shoes for just shy of $30. They're work-appropriate rock star--amazingly comfortable black studded slingbacks (which I've since purchased in beige as well).

Next I needed some bona fide rock star jewelery like this sterling silver beauty from the Van Halen store. (It's not vintage, but it's made from the original mold and the back is stamped with ©1980. Vintage VH necklaces are nowhere to be found on eBay--because who would part with something so cool. It's an awesome logo.)

And doesn't every girl need a snake for her neck when she's feeling a little edgy? This one came from a fab etsy store I stumbled upon called Rag Trader. (I've picked up a few other pieces from this seller. The jewelry is fun and well-priced.)

Then just a few days ago I ordered these deal-of-the-century Bettye Muller pumps from Amazon. (I saved $366.76--ten bucks came off the sale price in my shopping cart. Don't know why; don't care why. Just enjoyed the happy register surprise.) These will look so perfect with my skinny pants. (Thanks, L, for the tip on Amazon designer deals. Forget all those books--it's a terrific place to buy shoes.)

Now I'm off the sharpen my black eyeliner...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Cuckoo for Coconut from The Body Shop

I'd just visited Sephora on a recent Friday-after-work shopping trip (the best way to end the week) and came upon The Body Shop a few doors. The Body Shop opened at The Mall last year and, despite the fact that I really like their products, I'd never visited. The Body Shop is my airport store--it's the best thing about being delayed in terminal 3 at CVG.

But since I had nothing to do but go home and watch a What Not to Wear rerun, I decided to pop in and sample some products. The first thing I tried was Coconut Milk Body Lotion. It is amazing. The smell is delicious and authentic--not that icky Hawaiian Tropic-like fake beachy coconut. That's because the lotion contains real organic cold-pressed coconut oil and coconut milk. It's a spray-on product with a thin consistency, not a rich creamy lotion, but it penetrates quickly and softens well. I've used it on my arms, legs and hands daily since I bought it (and I can't stop smelling myself.)

My intense love for the lotion had me back in The Body Shop on another Friday night to see what other coconut lovelies I could find. The sales associate handed me Coconut Body Butter. This same product was mentioned in the June issue of Lucky I just received--associate editor Cat Marnell called it her "absolute favorite beauty product of all time." (Lucky devoted a whole page to coconut products. I'm so on top of things, fellow shoppers!) The Coconut Body Butter is thick, rich and the best thing that's happened to my heels in ages. I've been slathering it on my feet at night and waking up ready for sandals.

I also picked up Coconut Bath & Shower Cream. It produces a yummy lather with the help of my shower puff and makes me and the whole bathroom smell like a treat.

The delish aroma of all these coconut products made me want to eat coconut, so purchased a pint of Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean. If you avoid dairy like I do this is the most satisfying treat imaginable. Cheapy could not tell it from regular ice cream. Note that coconut still has plenty of saturated fat so I wouldn't recommend downing the whole pint while watching a chick movie. (Not that I would ever do such a thing.)