Monday, May 18, 2009

Accessorizing My Inner Rock Star

We've all got our moods. (Cheapy can attest that I certainly do.) And my mood is always reflected in my clothes. I've got my beige days and my hot pink days. My blazer days and my ruffle days. My demure days and my rock star days. Lately rock star has been in heavy rotation.

It started on a recent trip to the Gap Clearance Center with my top-of-the-list shopping friend from Brooklyn. In the pile of 27 items I'd dragged into the dingy dressing room I discovered a perfect pair of low rise skinny pants in a groovy grey with loads of zipper and snap pockets. I want to wear them more often than I don't. And they were like five bucks.

Then I got a deal-of-the-day email from (which you should all sign up for right now) and found these Boutique 58 shoes for just shy of $30. They're work-appropriate rock star--amazingly comfortable black studded slingbacks (which I've since purchased in beige as well).

Next I needed some bona fide rock star jewelery like this sterling silver beauty from the Van Halen store. (It's not vintage, but it's made from the original mold and the back is stamped with ©1980. Vintage VH necklaces are nowhere to be found on eBay--because who would part with something so cool. It's an awesome logo.)

And doesn't every girl need a snake for her neck when she's feeling a little edgy? This one came from a fab etsy store I stumbled upon called Rag Trader. (I've picked up a few other pieces from this seller. The jewelry is fun and well-priced.)

Then just a few days ago I ordered these deal-of-the-century Bettye Muller pumps from Amazon. (I saved $366.76--ten bucks came off the sale price in my shopping cart. Don't know why; don't care why. Just enjoyed the happy register surprise.) These will look so perfect with my skinny pants. (Thanks, L, for the tip on Amazon designer deals. Forget all those books--it's a terrific place to buy shoes.)

Now I'm off the sharpen my black eyeliner...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Cuckoo for Coconut from The Body Shop

I'd just visited Sephora on a recent Friday-after-work shopping trip (the best way to end the week) and came upon The Body Shop a few doors. The Body Shop opened at The Mall last year and, despite the fact that I really like their products, I'd never visited. The Body Shop is my airport store--it's the best thing about being delayed in terminal 3 at CVG.

But since I had nothing to do but go home and watch a What Not to Wear rerun, I decided to pop in and sample some products. The first thing I tried was Coconut Milk Body Lotion. It is amazing. The smell is delicious and authentic--not that icky Hawaiian Tropic-like fake beachy coconut. That's because the lotion contains real organic cold-pressed coconut oil and coconut milk. It's a spray-on product with a thin consistency, not a rich creamy lotion, but it penetrates quickly and softens well. I've used it on my arms, legs and hands daily since I bought it (and I can't stop smelling myself.)

My intense love for the lotion had me back in The Body Shop on another Friday night to see what other coconut lovelies I could find. The sales associate handed me Coconut Body Butter. This same product was mentioned in the June issue of Lucky I just received--associate editor Cat Marnell called it her "absolute favorite beauty product of all time." (Lucky devoted a whole page to coconut products. I'm so on top of things, fellow shoppers!) The Coconut Body Butter is thick, rich and the best thing that's happened to my heels in ages. I've been slathering it on my feet at night and waking up ready for sandals.

I also picked up Coconut Bath & Shower Cream. It produces a yummy lather with the help of my shower puff and makes me and the whole bathroom smell like a treat.

The delish aroma of all these coconut products made me want to eat coconut, so purchased a pint of Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean. If you avoid dairy like I do this is the most satisfying treat imaginable. Cheapy could not tell it from regular ice cream. Note that coconut still has plenty of saturated fat so I wouldn't recommend downing the whole pint while watching a chick movie. (Not that I would ever do such a thing.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Embracing Yellow

I've found myself drawn to--maybe even a little obsessed with--yellow lately. Which is strange. I've always said that yellow is the one color I could never wear, thinking it was reserved only for blonds and the dark complected (of which I am so neither). Aside from some '80-ish neon yellow pumps I purchased during some drowsy late night shopping a few years ago I can't remember ever owning any yellow clothing or accessories.

But it seems I was simply not looking for the right shades of yellow. Pastel yellows makes me look sickly, but, I've recently discovered, rich, deep, warm, honey-hued yellows with brown undertones are definitely doable.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling such yellow love. Maybe it's the promise of summer sunshine. Maybe I've been watching Transformers with Cheapy Junior too often and Bumblebee is burned in my brain. Maybe it's because I've spent a lot of time in New York this year and I've been affected by the cabs. Whatever the reason, the purchasing has begun.

Among the yellow items recently added to my closet are two tees from Simply Vera, Vera Wang's line at Kohl's. (The t-shirts in this line are great. I wear them constantly. Click the pix to view these tees on are more on sale now than when I bought them a few weeks ago.)

I also got a couple of yellow items from J. Crew. A cardigan with chiffon details (which is now sold out) and this cotton-linen-silk blend dress which is the perfect cut for my shape.

And besides all this shopping for yellow clothing, I recently blogged about yellow shoes for (Soon the neon pumps may have a more subdued neighbor.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PMS Causes Shopping? That Explains a Lot

A recent study in the UK reported in the Daily Mail found that premenstrual women engage in retail therapy--our hormones fuel our shopping, our shopping makes us feel better.

A study revealed that in the ten days before their periods begin--known as the luteal phase--women are much less in control of their spending habits. Psychologists at Hertfordshire University concluded that a shopping spree could be a way of dealing with the intense emotions of pre-menstrual syndrome, which affects around 90 per cent of women each month.

Professor Karen Pine, who conducted the study of 443 women aged between 18 and 50, said: "The later women were in their menstrual cycle, the more likely they were to have overspent."

Huh. One can do a lot of shopping in ten days. That's a big chunk of 28. In the interest of science I'll start paying attention to whether or not I spend more during certain times of the month. I'd guess probably not--I think I hold a fairly steady pace. The amount of shopping I do depends on how close I am to payday, whether or not I've got good eBay prospects, how much Cheapy drinks, whether my fav TV shows are reruns, and how many enticing sale newsletters are in my inbox. But now I can blame it all on moon time when the AmEx bill comes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Spring Boots by Frye and Miz Mooz

I've owned several pairs of Frye boots over the years, each for under a week. I've always liked the look of them and heard that they are well made and last forever, but all of the Frye boots I've tried were uncomfortable--and I'm not much into wearing in shoes. I like them to feel good from day one, especially when it comes to everyday boots. (I can suffer through some cute heels when I go out to dinner, but when I'm running errands I want to walk on clouds.)

I've finally stumbled upon a pair of Frye boots that I deem perfect. They are buttery soft and felt great from day one. This afternoon I napped while wearing them. They are better than barefoot. Behold the Frye Carson pull-on boot.

I got this pair in Natural because I decided I'd like to wear boots into the spring and summer so I wanted some light-colored pairs (and my favorite pink Rockports are practically out of commission and nowhere to be found online in my size. I wish I'd gotten a spare pair to keep in the back of my closet for when this day came.)

Since Frye are so expensive I spent some time Googling these before I bought. I found them on sale on Amazon for $243 from $348. The boots on Amazon were sold through Macy's so I went to Macy's site and found them. (I actually might not have been as into them if I'd seem them on the Macy's site first. The color of the boot there is not good. The Amazon listing is really close to the true, in-person color and look.)

I'm not big on buying through Macy's site because the shipping prices are super high compared to most online retailers (with the exception of Anthropologie who also charges exorbitant shipping rates). To help offset the shipping cost, I Googled "Macy's promotion code" and found a 20% off code that I applied at checkout, so the boots came in around $194 plus fifteen buck-ish for shipping. Remember, fellow shoppers--always look for discount codes before you check out online--at the very least you can usually come up with free shipping.

To add to my spring/summer boot wardrobe, I also picked up this pair of perforated ankle boots from my favorite shoe store in New York, Infinity Shoes. They've got a great selection of Miz Mooz shoes and boots which come in great styles and colors and are comfy. (Note that they run a half size big.) I love these off-white boots. Wearing a dark ankle boots with a skirt is out of the question for me, but this light shade blends well with my skin and so does not make my legs look stumpy. Plus these are great for spring--they let in the breeze. And these are pretty much the exact boot I'd pictured in my head when I started thinking about warm weather boot options (which is a bit of a shopping miracle).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday Shopping Part 2: Cheapy Goes to Anthropologie

Last Saturday night Cheapy took me out to celebrate my birthday. I was not privy to the array of evening plans he had cooked up--he likes to surprise me. All he told me was that he thought of a bunch of things he didn't want to do and we were going to do them.

First on the list of things-that-Cheapy-didn't-want-to-do: Shop at Anthropologie. He'd never actually stepped foot in the store, and when we got there he said, "I can see why you like this place. It's filled with a bunch of stuff that looks like all the stuff you have in your closet. And it smells good in here."

I grabbed some things; he grabbed some things; I did a try-on fashion show for Cheapy. We settled on three things we both liked. The first item below, the purple dress, is something I would never have picked up for myself, but the cut is really flattering as is the color. The grey corduroy skirt is stretchy, just the right length, and perfectly neutral. I'll wear the heck out of it this spring. And the white origami jacket is so me. It's got a nipped- in cut and loads of interesting details.

After Anthro, Cheapy took me to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, second on list of things-that-Cheapy-didn't-want-to-do (but he actually enjoyed the movie).

So naturally when I was in DSW today with a handful of percent-off and dollar-off certificates, I couldn't pass up these hot pink Tahari Slingbacks (which, after everything was scanned, I took home for just over $30.) They're such a Rebecca Bloomwood color.

I was also in the vicinity of Anthro earlier today and was planning to drive right by but I was sucked in my a giant SALE sign. I tried on a bunch of tops and bought this tiered one in a beige-y color. It's usually not a color I'd wear but I really liked it on. (The top came in a plummy color as well but I still went with the beige--it felt more springy. And I'm ready for springy.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Shopping Part 1: Mom (and Simply Vera at Kohls)

For as long as I can remember my mom has let me choose my own clothing gifts. When I was in high school, I remember going to The Mall with her before the holidays and picking out a few outfits. "I'll wrap them up; you'll act surprised," she'd say. "Your brothers don't need to know."

Even these days (far far from high school) we still go shopping together for my birthday. (At Christmas she gives everyone cash.)

When I shop on my own I prefer places like Anthropologie, Banana Republic, J. Crew, or boutiques. My mother, who is in her late 70s, would get a bit of sticker shock at those places. We always birthday shop at Kohls which is fine with me--I love Vera Wang's Simply Vera line. (I would actually check out the line more often if the Kohls wasn't in a part of town where I don't like to drive--it's confusing there.)

Here's what I picked up this past Saturday when I spent a nice post-BD afternoon with mom.

First: tees, tees, tees! The Simply Vera long sleeve tees are really fabulous. They're soft and both fit well and wash wall. The latest collection has some great color and pattern. I got three of them--gray, blue and purple (all under $22).

The other item my lovely mohter bought me might be my new favorite thing in my closet, this purple satin trench. The photo online so doesn't do this justice. It's gorgeous--the terrific shape paired with the nice wide sash give it a super flattering fit. The color is amazing. Add the three-quarter sleeves and pockets and I never want to take this off. It looks way more expensive that the $59 sale price. (Plus Kohls shoppers get a scratch off at check-out for extra discount--we got an extra %20 off.)

A couple of things I didn't buy that are worth a mention...

This peplum jacket is adorable on (and well priced at $59.99 online). I would have taken it home if it was available in a different color. The beige is too similar to a Nanette Lepore jacket that I wear to death in the non-winter months.

And I'm wild about the color of this embellished tee (called rustic fern). I'm not sure if I could pull it off, however. But you fellow shoppers who aren't quite as pink as I am may be able to rock it. (It's on sale online for $22).

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some of My Favorite: Shopping Friends, Mall Stores, J Crew Dresses for Spring

I have a few friends who are truly my favorite shopping partners. These are the kind of friends I can leisurely wonder around with and browse boutiques or hit a hard-core, dig-through-everything-on-sale outlet stores. They're the ones who hand me something over the dressing room door and it's always cool and fits just right and I like it better than anything I took in with me. And they may even rationalize a purchase for me so I don't have to do it myself: "I know you don't have anywhere to wear that, but it looks so good on you and it's on sale!" (It's lovely to have someone talk you into something you want.)

The trouble is that one of these friends lives in Manhattan, one lives in Brooklyn and one lives in Colorado. I don't live in any of those places. (I'm happy to audition local fellow shoppers--say the word, ladies.)

My Brooklyn friend visits here frequently so I get to shop with her a few times a year. I just had a day of boutiquing with my Manhattan friend. And last week I got to hit the mall with my Colorado friend. (We emailed about where to shop. Me: "What are you up for? Anthro? Shoes?" Her: "The Mall sounds good. Unless you think that would be lame." Me: "Are you kidding? The Mall is my favorite place!")

We parked by Macy's and walked past the oh-so-hideous prom dress department (dear god--I was never happier to not be a teenager) and hit all my favorite places to hit in The Mall: Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew and Sephora.

I gotta tell you, fellow shoppers, the Gap these day: bad. I don't know what's going on there but I find it ill-fitting and tuti-fruiti. It's all wrong. I have not liked a thing in the Gap the last few seasons. Banana, on the other hand, seems to be hitting all the right notes with me. (See recent posts on several Banana dresses I've purchased lately.) I've loved the color palette, the shapes, the fit. And I've really been wild about the sale prices. (I recently got a blue silk disco-vibe dress there for $23.99. During my latest Mall visit I grabbed an uber-oversize faux pearl necklace for $5.99)

But J Crew...I love you most of all. I've been hitting their final sale online fairly hard. (Oh the sweaters!) I've been scouring the in-store sale racks regularly. (Took home a black with touches of gold thread wool/cashmere pencil skirt--love it!--for $20.99. It cost me more than that to get it hemmed.)

My recent J Crew score was the papaya-hued version of the dress shown below in light pewter. (I don't see the orange-y one online). Good with both heels or flat sandals and a cardigan.

There are few other J Crew dresses I'm smitten with. (I love love love dresses.) The simple linen dress below is made special with a dash of metallic, a defined waist and a bow detail. (I heart bows--I'm girly.)

And so you don't think this post looks like a casual version of the Oscars (what was with the white/ivory/cream thing Hollywood?) here's a lovely bright (papaya!) with similar features as the above--a defined waist and a bow--but with a more squarish neckline and in cotton.

And back to white...I'd get married all over again just so I could wear this tulle and organza wedding cake of a dress. I am a sucker for tiers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faryl Robin from DSW Online: Stacked Coupons

I'd had my eye on a pair of Faryl Robin t-straps that I'd seen at Shoetopia a million times but had never tried on because they were $209 (and no matter how much wine Cheapy had before shopping, that would never fly--even taking into account that this shoe style is called "Doobie." Shoetopia is next to our fav restaurant so 95% of the time I'm there, he's with me.)

But look how cute these are. I love the shape of the heel, the animal print lining, the fact that the t-strap is askew. And I wish you could see the eggplanty color in person.

Last Saturday we met my friend and her boyfriend for dinner at said fav restaurant, and we scheduled in a few minute pre-food for shoe shopping. My friend found two cute pairs of shoes each on sale for $25 (a great first-time visit to the store). I tried on the asymmetrical Faryl's a half size too small because they were sold out in 8.5. Sad. (If you like these shoes and you don't wear size 8.5, they come in both bordo and black and are now on sale on Shoetopia's site for $104.)

As soon as we got home from our night out I set to googling the Faryl Robin Doobie and found it on sale on DSW for $139. Then I googled some more--this time for DSW coupon codes. When shopping on the DSW site, just as when shopping in the stores, you can use multiple coupons. For this transaction, I used three--one I found on the DSW site for free shipping, and two I found on coupon code sites, one for an extra $10 off and one for an extra $5. Google "DSW stackable coupons" and see what you find. Some will be expired, some with be birthday month codes--you just have to try a few and see if they work--but if you spend five minutes you can save a few bucks. And you can use them along with coupon codes you've gotten through the mail for DSW Rewards. (After my latest DSW purchase, I've got a reward postcard on the way--as well as my new shoes.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping in Manhattan: Part 2

I never quite finished reporting on my New York shopping. Ah, It seems like so long ago. To refresh you: I was in the city for just a few days for a conference and had just one day to shop. I got a blazer on clearance at Banana for $30. I got a gorgeous black cashmere and wool coat at Variazioni that I've been wearing to death. I also picked up a teal-with-gray-piping Tulle trench at Purdy Girl (that I since saw featured in Bust in a piece on how to dress like the ladies on Mad Men).

The next day I packed, gave my friends' keys to their doorman, and hopped in a cab to LaGuardia. And I got to the airport at 9 a.m. and found out my flight was cancelled. Because of weather issues, there was only one flight from LGA to CVG at 5 o'clock.

I called Cheapy for some sympathy about being stuck in the boring airport all day. He encouraged me to go back to Manhattan. "Have some fun; go shopping." My arm was sufficiently twisted. (And I was happy the cabs take credit cards.)

After stopping to drop off my bag at my friends' apartment, I went straight to Variazioni and bought the perfect black trench I'd passed up before. I had been having such buyers remorse. Or, I guess, the opposite of buyers remorse. Non-buyers remorse. I figured the snow storm and the cancelled flight were the universe telling me I should not leave New York without that coat.

With my mission accomplished, it was bagel time (where I saw a really hip looking girl wearing the wool/cashmere coat I'd bought the day before) and then I headed back toward the apartment. It was crazy snowing and walking around was not much fun. My jeans were wicking up snow and my face was freezing. Then I passed Infinity Shoes--that warmed me up. That had a fanstastic selection of shoes and boots--and I fell in love with Miz Mooz.

I got a pair of Miz Mooz boots in caramel. They are terrifically comfortable and pleaty.

The Saturday after I got home, I wore my new boots to my friend's wedding along with my new leopard print taffeta Banana dress.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shopping in Manhattan

Well, fellow shoppers, I've recently spend some time in what is arguable the best place in the world to shop (when sober--Vegas is the best place in the world for drunken shopping)--New York.

I didn't have much time to hit the stores (I was there for a conference), but did get a chance to make it to some Upper West Side boutiques as well as a Banana Republic.

The first shop I checked out with my friend/hostess was Variazioni which had big "up to 70% off" signs in the window. Perhaps if I'd read the online reviews of this store I might not have gone in. And it was a little weird. When we got there two of the shop employees were fighting. Like screaming-at-each-other, we-thought-there-would-be-a-actual-punches-thrown fighting. Then one of them grabbed some things and stormed out past us. O-kay.

Despite the drama there were some well-priced items and I bought as dreamy wool and cashmere coat with an off-to-the-left zipper, a big collar and Pucci print lining by Gianfranco Rossi, their house brand. (The next day I saw a really cool looking girl in the bagel shop in the same coat.) While we were there, I was forced to try on a black trench (among other things--I said it was weird) by the big-haired, purple-suede-boot wearing Russian shop girl who declared, waving her acrylic nails: "I. Have. Very. Good. Taste." O-kay.

I didn't buy the trench--which was cut perfectly for my five-foot-two frame--and I regretted not buying it.

Our next stop was Purdy Girl, which was not at all weird. The staff was helpful and not the least bit scary. (The guy who worked there even complimented my new coat, which I'd worn out of Variazioni.) I picked up a brown drapey snappy wrap cardigan and somehow managed not to buy a darling silver metallic Marc by Marc jacket and a black silk Nanette Lepore dress with an elaborate bugle-bead peacock. (They were both so fabulous. But where would I wear that peacock dress? I didn't even try it own because I knew if I did, I'd be in trouble. But, oh, I have a such thing for peacocks. And Nanette Lepore.)

Purdy Girl also had a great little trench coat--it had just come in but was already discounted. I tried it on and really didn't want to take it off. That's such a happy shopping moment. Here's the trench in red. It's by Tulle (I like a lot of things in their line, like this skirt that I may have to buy.) I got it in a turquiosey green with gray piping. The pockets are fab, the color is fresh, and there's a buckle in the back for cinching. So so cute. (And a great length for me.)

I had to fly out the next morning, so that was the end of my New York shopping.

Or was it...

Tune in next time to see how my travels--and my shopping adventures--played out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My First Post on

My very first post on the Heels blog is up. Stop by and leave a comment if you'd like. (My topic: animal print shoes.)

Also note: I'd just added a "Follow This Blog" option to Material Girl (look to the right). If you're a regular reader, become a follower! (Because it's sad that there are only two at the moment. Not that there's anything wrong with pairs. It works for shoes.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beyonce: Diva or Deserving?

Last Tuesday, like most of the world, I spent the better part of the day wading through news story after news story related to President Obama's inauguration. One story above all others has stuck with me. It wasn't about the history making ceremony, the celebrations around the world, the inaugural balls, the record crowds, or even Michelle's outfits. It was about Beyonce refusing to walk four blocks in high heels in sub-freezing D.C. Here's a snippet:

[Beyonce] was with husband Jay-Z as they finished rehearsals for his inauguration eve concert at the Warner Theater. According to the New York Daily News, Beyonce wouldn’t walk in high heels, forcing an intervention by the Secret Service, who gave the okay for the pair's driver to gain access to the closed-off street so they could return to their hotel.

OK all you ladies with stilettos in your closet--what say you? If you were in her, um, shoes, would you have hoofed it in your heels or had hubby pull some strings with the Secret Service?

Walking in heels is no picnic, people. I say, you go girl. Beyonce needs to save her heel maneuvers for the stage. I would have totally done the same thing. I will never be as rich or awesome as Ms. Knowles. I'll never get close enough to her to bask in her glow of fabulousness. Hell--I'll never have a driver. I will settle for the vicarious satisfaction I got from this news story.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vintage Jackets from eBay I Couldn't Pass Up

It's been a long time since I've gotten any new vintage items (oxymoron, anyone?), but in a spare half hour over the weekend, I remedied that situation. As I sat in front of the computer in my ridiculously cold basement, I was compelled to do an eBay search for vintage fur coats.

I found a Buy It Now '60s spy girl coat in leather and faux fur that I had to buy. I love the nipped in waist, the belt and the lapels.

The same seller, ladywolf vintage, offered a cropped belted tweedy wool jacket with a rhinestone buckle also with a BIN option. I jumped on that one too.

Later that same day I won another auction for a black faux fur coat, this one from Annabelle Vintage Clothing. It looks so toasty warm. And it was a steal at $9.99. I was the only bidder.

A side note on faux vs. real fur. Last winter I decided I wanted something mink. I found a beautiful vintage mink wrap on eBay, and every time I tried to wear it I just couldn't. I ended up selling it at our annual neighborhood garage sale (that Cheapy always insists we participate in) for one-third of what I paid for it. I got a similar faux fur stole that's a better color, softer, and doesn't skeeve me out. Leather shoes--yes; actual pelts--cannot do.

I Can't Seem to Shake My Love of Sequins

Sequins. They're so shiny and fancy and...shiny. I just can't stop loving them. And I couldn't help myself when I saw that the sequined Banana Republic dress I coveted was pretty much the bargain of the season. MSRP $225--on sale for $49. I'd tried it on in the store when was 20% off but couldn't part with that much cash even for that many sequins (because I have no idea where I'm going to wear it). But good, cheaper things come to those who wait, fellow shoppers.

I got this taffeta animal print dress as well, because--at $44 and change--it would be silly to pass up (and I liked it better than the black version Cheapy bought me over the holidays).

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so if you need something fancy, click over to Banana Republic--they're practically giving dresses away. (And I'd say you have a better chance finding your size online than in the store, and the $7 shipping ain't bad.)

But that's not the end of the sequins story, fellow shoppers. It's chilly here in the Midwest, and I needed something to pair with that animal print dress--something to keep my shoulders warm. And what could be better than a leopard sequined cardigan?

This one from J Crew, which I took a chance and purchased as a final sale, is perfect. The white animal print and barely-silver sequins are great against the browns and beiges in the dress. And on it's own over jeans the sweater is fantastic. (The buttons are gorgeous, too--shiny and deliciously geometric.) Plus I bought it during an extra 20% final sale items weekend promotion. Original Price: $350; I paid $103.

Don't worry--I won't wear this sweater with dress number one. A girl does not want to over sequin. Head-to-toe sequins are only OK if you're Liza Minelli, a transvestite who impersonates Liza Minelli, or Liberace's piano. Bloggers (Including Yours Truly)

I just got a gig as one of a dozen bloggers for, the retail site's blog. Below is a list of the other eleven bloggers--click the links to their blogs and websites and to follow them on Twitter, and be sure to bookmark (and the shoe and fashion blogs you love!). I've added a high.heels blogroll to Material Girl for your future perusal.

My first post won't hit for a bit (there will only be a few per month from me), but I'll certainly tell you when I have a post up. In the meantime, checkout the blog for all the shoe news you can use.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jumpsuits Part Two

I was onto something. Six pages of the February Vogue are devoted to the "one-piece wonder." Two pages later: Blake Lively pictured in a Ralph Lauren jumpsuit. (She looks amazing.)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free People Jumpsuit--Really?

Last spring rompers were hitting the scene (search my blog for "rompers" for a refresher). Now it seems, thanks to Free People, the romper has grown legs and turned into a jumpsuit and it will set you back $128. Do you think mechanic chic will be all the rage this season? Maybe they'll come out with an orange prison-chic version. Dear god of shopping, help us.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009--My Year of No Static. Thank you Nexxus

If you're ever anywhere near me in the winter you've heard me bitch and moan. Not about the cold (necessarily). Not about the fact that it gets dark at 5:30. Not about the fact that no one can see my pedicure. I bitch about my hair. More specifically the static in my hair. It's chronic. It's annoying. It's unattractive. It drives me batty.

I've experimented with different products (some suggested at my salon), different hairbrushes, different settings on my blowdryer--and for years just ended up spritzing my hair with water all day long. It was not pretty.

A few weeks ago I was again bitching about the static as my co-workers and I headed out for lunch. My friend suggested I simply hadn't found the right products and I should keep trying. Maybe my hair just needed some more moisture. No, I said, I've tried everything. You have no idea.

A few days later I was at the grocery store cutting through the haircare aisle, hair clinging to my right cheek. Maybe my friend was right, I thought. Maybe I should try something else.

I stopped my cart in front of the Nexxus section. I used these produces in the late '80s and early '90s. They smelled nice from what I remember. A few of them were on sale. I grabbed a couple of things, tossed them in my cart, and started using them the next day.

It is simply a miracle, fellow shoppers. I HAVE NO STATIC. I blow dry. I brush. I put up the hood on my down parka. Nothing. I even tried on sweaters for about an hour last week--I pulled them over my head again and again. No static at all.

The first miracle product is Nexxus Humectress. This is the conditioner my former hair stylist Connie recommended to me starting in 1987 when I got my first spiral perm. (Again, it wasn't pretty.) Now, I've been using a small amount on the ends of my hair in the shower. It's good stuff.

But the super miracle product is Nexxus Headress. I was not familiar with this when I picked it up, but the package says it's a "weightless leave-in conditioner." I've never had luck with leave-in conditioners in the past because my hair is pretty fine and leave-ins tend to weigh it down and make it look even more limp than usual. Not so with Headress. This is the only styling product I've been using. I smooth it in my hair starting in the back, then distribute it all over, with special attention to the ends that frame my face. My hair looks so much better, has not gotten the least bit staticy even one time in the past three weeks (and it's mostly been cold cold cold), and it feels like silk. I am so in love.