Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marc by Marc Tee: Off the Deep End

Every so often, as I read through the many emails I get from online retailers, something speaks to me and for whatever reason it must become part of my wardrobe. A few weeks ago it was a t-shirt. Literary. Speaking to me. With words.

This was a t-shirt I needed under my favorite Nanette Lepore jacket at the office, a silent comment on my average work day. I decided I would buy it even though $68 was more than I normally plunk down for a t-shirt. Then I decided I really shouldn't pay $68 for a t-shirt. Then I decided I should. This went on for a few days before I was ready to take the plunge.

So I popped into shopbop to order the tee. They'd had already sold out in black in my size. I choose shopbop as the best place to buy the shirt because their shipping is free. The tee was for sale other places online like Saks and Nordstrom. Saks shipping was way too much (into two digits). Nordstrom has a set fee (five or six bucks). I knew I could do better. With a few minutes of googling, I found a free shipping code for Nordstrom. Hurray! I got my tee in the color I wanted with no shipping charge. And I love it.

Your lessons for the day fellow shoppers: Number one--and I can't tell you this enough--always google for free shipping. Why spend money on UPS when you could spend it on stuff? Number two--when you want something, jump on it. If you wait you could miss out.

In other news, the Frye boots I blogged about below: Hated. Returned. Done with Frye.

Shopping in Myrtle Beach: Cole Haan

I'm behind on my purchase reporting because I've been busy busy busy with travel. Travel, however, means shopping. I was in a beach house in Garden City, SC with Cheapy, Cheapy Jr., and my in-laws for a week in early September. I'm not big on beaches and, well, I won't go into in-laws. There were a several bright spots during the trip. We found a place that served a great vegan burger with a side of deep fried pickles. My father-in-law loves thrift shops, junk shops, used bookstores, and antique malls. And the last day there was a huge double rainbow over the ocean.

While overall the shopping wasn't tremendous in the greater Myrtle Beach area (unless you're in the market for seashell souvenirs and tacky t-shirts), I picked up a couple of beaded necklaces and a bracelet at an antique mall, found an old book for my boss for a two bucks at a thrift store, and got a few items at the Ralph Lauren outlet (where my mother-in-law and I went to buy polo shirts for Dad-of-Cheapy).

My best purchase was at the Cole Haan outlet. I still regret not buying a great structured black bag at a great price, but I did come home with these taupe suede slingback wedges:

These were originally priced at $275. They're now on sale on the Cole Haan site for $179. I got them at the outlet mall for $85. The Nike Air insides are crazy comfortable and they're simply a beautiful neutral shoe to add to my collection. I'm thinking more outlet mall trips may be in my future--there's one about 45 minutes north of where I live. (Maybe there's a Cole Haan store with that same black bag...)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I May Have Bought Some Boots During Work the Other Day

Every so often during the course of a work day I need a little break. I chat with a co-worker, go to the ladies room, spend five minutes straightening up up my desk...or do some quick online shopping. Thursday I accidentally bought a pair of boots.

It's all because the other day I noticed my co-worker had on a pair of Frye Mildred Engineer Boots that I've been coveting. (There have been several Frye styles I've dug recently, but I've never felt compelled to plunk down the bucks for them. I've actually owned three different pairs of Frye boots over the years for approximately one week each, all purchased from eBay. I found each one to be ill fitting and not comfortable. I resold all of them on eBay for more than I'd paid for them).

My friend told me she got the Mildred boots at DSW. So I began searching for the style for cheap online. Then I decided maybe I shouldn't get the same boots she had. I've got plenty of boots with three-and-a-half-inch heels. What I really need is a good, rugged but not too masculine looking pair of boots that I can wear all weekend all fall and winter with my worn-in jeans.

I had already been saving this pair of Frye Cavalry boots in my endless shopping cart so I took the plunge and clicked through the transaction on my office PC. Note that they were supposed to arrive yesterday since endless offers free overnight shipping, but they emailed me to say there would be a delay, so cannot report on whether Frye boots number four are successful.

Quite Possibly My Favorite eBay Purchase Ever

Generally when I shop on eBay I start out looking for something very specific, then get sidetracked when sellers say "see the other items in my eBay store." This random clicking around often leads me to items I didn't know I wanted but must have.

Recently I came upon a great little eBay treasure in this purely serendipitous manner. I wanted it so much that I bid on it four days before the auction ended just so I wouldn't forget. It's a little gold oval ID bracelet with my name engraved in script.

And though I really dig things with my name on them, what's so awesome about this bracelet is the inscription on the back: "With Love Don / 2-14-45." How lovely--a 63-year-old Valentine's Day gift.

Judging from the many estate items offered by the seller, I have to conclude the both the recipient and the giver are not longer with us. The seller probably picked up the bracelet at an estate sale for next to nothing. I bought it for $13.50--and of course I would have gone higher. There was only one other bidder and I was sending you-don't-know-who-you're-up-against vibes their way.

I'm so enamored of this bracelet. I wonder at what point in their relationship Don gave this to my namesake. Was he courting her (that's what they did in the '40s, afterall)? Were they married? I like to think she loved and treasured the gift. This is an example of what's so wonderful about vintage. I love to imagine the stories behind the old items I acquire even if I'll never know for sure the life they lived.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Shipping Fees at Neiman Marcus

Free shipping at Neiman Marcus, fellow shoppers!

Have you missed me? I was on vacation and we had no Internet Access. It was hell at the beach. Can you imagine 8 days without eBay? Then I came home to crazy wind storms and suddenly had no power for 38 plus hours. It's like the universe doesn't want me to shop.

I've got a lot of purchases to report, vacation and otherwise (including one from Neiman Marcus), so stop back soon. I'll start posting tonight (unless my DVR actually taped last night's Gossip Girl during the power outage. Chuck Bass always comes before blogging.)