Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping in Manhattan: Part 2

I never quite finished reporting on my New York shopping. Ah, It seems like so long ago. To refresh you: I was in the city for just a few days for a conference and had just one day to shop. I got a blazer on clearance at Banana for $30. I got a gorgeous black cashmere and wool coat at Variazioni that I've been wearing to death. I also picked up a teal-with-gray-piping Tulle trench at Purdy Girl (that I since saw featured in Bust in a piece on how to dress like the ladies on Mad Men).

The next day I packed, gave my friends' keys to their doorman, and hopped in a cab to LaGuardia. And I got to the airport at 9 a.m. and found out my flight was cancelled. Because of weather issues, there was only one flight from LGA to CVG at 5 o'clock.

I called Cheapy for some sympathy about being stuck in the boring airport all day. He encouraged me to go back to Manhattan. "Have some fun; go shopping." My arm was sufficiently twisted. (And I was happy the cabs take credit cards.)

After stopping to drop off my bag at my friends' apartment, I went straight to Variazioni and bought the perfect black trench I'd passed up before. I had been having such buyers remorse. Or, I guess, the opposite of buyers remorse. Non-buyers remorse. I figured the snow storm and the cancelled flight were the universe telling me I should not leave New York without that coat.

With my mission accomplished, it was bagel time (where I saw a really hip looking girl wearing the wool/cashmere coat I'd bought the day before) and then I headed back toward the apartment. It was crazy snowing and walking around was not much fun. My jeans were wicking up snow and my face was freezing. Then I passed Infinity Shoes--that warmed me up. That had a fanstastic selection of shoes and boots--and I fell in love with Miz Mooz.

I got a pair of Miz Mooz boots in caramel. They are terrifically comfortable and pleaty.

The Saturday after I got home, I wore my new boots to my friend's wedding along with my new leopard print taffeta Banana dress.


Justina said...

The dress and the boots absolutely exude attitude! Can't wait to see you rocking an SCBWI conference! And then we'll shop.

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