Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shopping in Manhattan

Well, fellow shoppers, I've recently spend some time in what is arguable the best place in the world to shop (when sober--Vegas is the best place in the world for drunken shopping)--New York.

I didn't have much time to hit the stores (I was there for a conference), but did get a chance to make it to some Upper West Side boutiques as well as a Banana Republic.

The first shop I checked out with my friend/hostess was Variazioni which had big "up to 70% off" signs in the window. Perhaps if I'd read the online reviews of this store I might not have gone in. And it was a little weird. When we got there two of the shop employees were fighting. Like screaming-at-each-other, we-thought-there-would-be-a-actual-punches-thrown fighting. Then one of them grabbed some things and stormed out past us. O-kay.

Despite the drama there were some well-priced items and I bought as dreamy wool and cashmere coat with an off-to-the-left zipper, a big collar and Pucci print lining by Gianfranco Rossi, their house brand. (The next day I saw a really cool looking girl in the bagel shop in the same coat.) While we were there, I was forced to try on a black trench (among other things--I said it was weird) by the big-haired, purple-suede-boot wearing Russian shop girl who declared, waving her acrylic nails: "I. Have. Very. Good. Taste." O-kay.

I didn't buy the trench--which was cut perfectly for my five-foot-two frame--and I regretted not buying it.

Our next stop was Purdy Girl, which was not at all weird. The staff was helpful and not the least bit scary. (The guy who worked there even complimented my new coat, which I'd worn out of Variazioni.) I picked up a brown drapey snappy wrap cardigan and somehow managed not to buy a darling silver metallic Marc by Marc jacket and a black silk Nanette Lepore dress with an elaborate bugle-bead peacock. (They were both so fabulous. But where would I wear that peacock dress? I didn't even try it own because I knew if I did, I'd be in trouble. But, oh, I have a such thing for peacocks. And Nanette Lepore.)

Purdy Girl also had a great little trench coat--it had just come in but was already discounted. I tried it on and really didn't want to take it off. That's such a happy shopping moment. Here's the trench in red. It's by Tulle (I like a lot of things in their line, like this skirt that I may have to buy.) I got it in a turquiosey green with gray piping. The pockets are fab, the color is fresh, and there's a buckle in the back for cinching. So so cute. (And a great length for me.)

I had to fly out the next morning, so that was the end of my New York shopping.

Or was it...

Tune in next time to see how my travels--and my shopping adventures--played out.


Justina said...

I *love* Nanette; she's perfectly sized for me, too! But my latest obsessions: Milly and Tracey Reese. Love them.

Elsie said...

Shopping in Manhattan! How delicious! I've been there 3 times, and everytime my budget was smaller. Heck, this last time (Aug.'08) I didn't even stay at a hotel. Thank goodness for Penn Station and showers at city pools. Macy's is a must. Also, C. O. Bigelow's Apothecary in the Village, simply amazing. Nice blog!

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