Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

Happy Halloween, fellow shoppers!

You may have noticed that Material Girl has not been posting much lately. I'm in the middle of Stop-Shopping-So-Much Campaign. Sad, I know. But I have to keep Cheapy from going crazy and/or choking me with my AmEx bill.

I didn't say I was on a No Shopping campaign, however. That would just be silly. And probably impossible. Every time I've tried that, I do really well for a while then I break--and there is a shopping binge. Binges are not pretty. My goal is to not spend more than I have in my discretionary fund.

So what have I gathered of late? My good friend eBay has led me to a few goodies:
  • A vintage blond mink stole. Not sure where I will wear such an item, but one day I decided (despite the fact that I'm vegan) that owning one was a great idea. So far I almost wore it to a Hallowedding, and the cat has napped on it. I had previously purchased a chocolate brown mink stole, but it's too big for me (I know--you though they are one-size-fits-all, didn't you?) and will be going back to where it came from (eBay).
  • A vintage suede colorblock Kelly bag. Oh it's cute cute cute. And looks like new.
  • A fuzzy Dolce & Gabbana tank (above). While slightly Muppet-esque, also very cool. Material Girl can pull it off.
  • A pair of tall black Frye Villager pull-on boots. I accidentally won this auction--I really thought I would be outbid. The auction ended at $51, which is low for a Frye auction in the fall (whether the boots are new or used). I can't wait to get them as I'm currently unsatisfied with the black boots in my boot wardrobe. The fall and winter will be Material Girl re-booting season!


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