Monday, October 22, 2007

Save the Leather

A while back I bought a cute little red leather frame bag on clearance for 40 bucks-ish. It was Fossil, so nothing to write home about, but it was cute, a great size, I loved the color, and it had a vintage-y kiss-lock closure. I found it as I wandered around at Macy's on Friday night during a stay-open-till-eleven 30%-off-existing-clearance-prices sale. I almost passed it up, however, because it was obviously either old or sadly neglected stock--it was dry. It was a red leather desert.

I can make it better! though Material Girl. I have products.

Well I tried the leather lotion I had in the pantry, and it didn't do much. So I ordered a liquid "leather restorer" from a website. It made the bag look good for about a week, then it was back to it's old, icky self. I even gave it periodic coatings of Rosebud Salve (good for dry skin, good for dry leather, thought I) which smelled nice, but was a little greasy, and added only temporary luster.

Last month I did some more googling and came up with the bomb of leather products: Pecard Leather Dressing. This stuff is some sort of miracle turtle wax for handbags. It's $14 plus shipping for a 16 oz. container of the stuff, which is kind of like an extra dense, butterscotch tub of Vaseline. It also comes in larger and smaller sizes.

If you have nice leather handbags (or even not-so-nice ones that you love) or leather boots or a leather skirt or an old saddle out in your barn or interesting leather accessories of some sort that Material Girl should not mention on her rated-G blog, I can't recommend Pecard Leather Dressing enough. (Save your Rosebud Salve for chapped lips and dry knuckles.)


Anna said...

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Lisa T. said...

As Cheapy's representative, can I ask the question whether the cost of the leather treatments is factored into the cost of this supposedly inexpensive bag?