Monday, October 8, 2007

Stuart Weitzman Boots I Love

My best friend Lisa has lived in New York for the past 15 years or so, and last time she was in town she had on the best boots. They were sort of a dirty brown with tiny studs, perfect heel height and they looked great with everything. I've been coveting these boots ever since. I've been searching Zappos for something remotely similar. And of course I found nothing.

I just got back from a trip to New York for Donya's wedding. (My outfit worked out out fabulously by the way--I love the dress and the shoes didn't kill my feet nearly as much as I'd imagined they would.) I managed to sneak in a visit with Lisa and her husband (there was some karaoke) and she had on the same boots. And I still wanted them. She told me she had a spare pair in box at her apartment because she had seen them on sale for $100--and that they were Stuart Weitzman. (#1--that is a super bargain; #2--that's so smart!)

Tonight I've been clicking around on the ol PC and happened to do a little Googling for said SW boots. MSRP on these babies is $425-ish. I found them on Zappos for $272 but not in my size. Then I found them on Bluefly for $170--in 8.5! Had to buy them ladies. I hope Lisa's not mad I copied her. I would never do such a thing if we lived in the same city. I promise I won't ever bring them to NYC with me, Lis. You can't blame me for snapping them up.


Island Girls Accessories said...

Wow!! I like those boots!

Lisa T. said...

Girl, I'm telling you, these boots have magic goddess powers. Need a raise? Need to talk Cheapy out of a detour to Queens? Wear the boots. They never fail.

Kaylee said...

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