Friday, December 14, 2007

P.S. Re: Zappos Price Protection

I just found out from my friends at Zappos that one can only take advantage of their 110% price guarantee once a month. However, being the awesome customer service friends that they are, let let me do it again this month since I was not aware of their policy. (They just seem to love me over at Zappos.)

Remember these gray boots that I coveted but could not have due to the strain they would put on my discretionary fund? They are currently $278 at Anthropologie (and taking into account their outrageous shipping cost and the fact that I'd pay tax, that purchase would have been out of the question). I found them on Zappos for $268.95 (already a better deal with the free shipping). Then I saw them on endless for $211.96. Zappos sold them to me for $200 and change, even deducting the $5 that endless gives with their negative-$5 overnight shipping deal. I'll get them Monday, fellow shoppers at which point I'll give you the scoop.

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