Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Love Letter to Zappos

Material Girl sits here writing wearing the shoes pictured at left by Oh...Deer! along with workout clothes. It's not the best look, but the shoes just arrived on my front porch and I need to try them out.

I've had my eye on these for a while but I wasn't sure if I over-100-dollars liked them. Yesterday morning I was reading my email as I ate my oatmeal and had a message saying was having a 25% off everything "private sale" so I decided to see if they had these leopard print pony hair sling backs in stock in 8.5. They did! I put the shoes in my cart and they came to $67 and change.

I really wanted to buy them from Zappos instead. I hate the waiting when I buy shoes from other sites. But on Zappos they were on sale for $107.06. That's a big chunk of my discretionary fund, fellow shoppers. Then I remembered the Zappos 110% price guarantee, something which, up until now, I had never inquired about or taken advantage of. So I dialed up my friends at Zappos. They gave me the shoes for $63.50. They rock. I definitely 63-dollars-like these shoes. So if you see something on another shoes site (especially one that doesn't offer free one-day shipping), be sure to call Zappos and see if they can help you out. You'll have some money left over for...more shoes!

Addendum: I decided to return these shoes. They didn't look right with my only decent pair of jeans and there was a tad too much toe cleavage for my taste. I'm now on the lookout for other shoes/boots I can get from Zappos using the 110% guarantee. Woohoo!

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