Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Go on the Owl Shoes, and Great Mini Kimono

I got the cute owl shoes from endless today, and they are indeed...cute. But my toes hang over the edge--and that's never a good look. They are back in the box, labeled, and will be dropped in the mail room at my office in the a.m. which is a little sad. (DSW is offering triple bonus Reward points this weekend so maybe I can ease my no-new-shoes pain there.)

I also got a package from one of my favorite eBay sellers. I've bought a number of items from this Hollywood-based seller, a man named John who I've imagined is fabulously gay and stylish and has a tremendous apartment with a charming patio on which he photographs his mannequins after which sipping pink cocktails as he uploads his photos. (That would explain the occasional creative spelling.) Many of his items are from studio wardrobes. His starting prices can be a little high, but the clothes can be pretty fab--some high end, some new with tags, some vintage, always some leather something. My new top is a silk kimono-ish Jendela Batik number with a bit of a '70s thing going. Little-baby-kitty listed it as "very Studio 54." I think it's a more hanging with Rose, Blanche and Dorothy on the lanai, but in a good (younger) way. My distressed demin and my flat silver sandals will be nice with this, as will my skinny black pants, big earrings, and a heel.

(For some reason I find this mannequin's crotch disheartening--fabulous gay John: cover her up. A nondescript skirt perhaps, or even a tasteful pantie would be fine.)

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