Monday, June 23, 2008

My Dressing Room Reorganization Project (Yay!)

You may remember my post about the mess that was my dressing room--shoe boxes and baskets of accessories everywhere! It was driving me completely crazy and making me run late in the morning. I could never find the shoes I was looking for, boxes fell over every time I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser, and my bracelets kept ending who-knows-where because I'd knock them over and lose them in the black whole of disarray.

To refresh your memory, here are a few Before photos:

Mess, mess, and mess. But no more! I finally got the shelving units I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids and I put them together on Sunday. Now check out the beautiful neat-o-rama I've got going on:

You can see the carpet!

My necklaces are now stored neatly in bamboo cutlery holders from Cost Plus World Market. (They had the same ones at Target for around the same price but Target seemed to only have two of anything and World Market had a million or so.)

The trays slide into three flat shelves that also have room for cigar boxes filled with other treasures. Shoes boxes are below.

I have more shoe storage in big cubes on the other side.

Bracelets are in easy reach in a World Market basket. The basket on the right has every extra button from every garment I've purchased in the last decade. I have yet to replace one, but I sleep better at night knowing they're there if I ever need them. (They're topped with a necklace that wouldn't fit anywhere else).

I even have room for some books and copies of Vogue. (Aren't the little mice I got from Trailer Park in Brooklyn adorable?)

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