Thursday, September 18, 2008

I May Have Bought Some Boots During Work the Other Day

Every so often during the course of a work day I need a little break. I chat with a co-worker, go to the ladies room, spend five minutes straightening up up my desk...or do some quick online shopping. Thursday I accidentally bought a pair of boots.

It's all because the other day I noticed my co-worker had on a pair of Frye Mildred Engineer Boots that I've been coveting. (There have been several Frye styles I've dug recently, but I've never felt compelled to plunk down the bucks for them. I've actually owned three different pairs of Frye boots over the years for approximately one week each, all purchased from eBay. I found each one to be ill fitting and not comfortable. I resold all of them on eBay for more than I'd paid for them).

My friend told me she got the Mildred boots at DSW. So I began searching for the style for cheap online. Then I decided maybe I shouldn't get the same boots she had. I've got plenty of boots with three-and-a-half-inch heels. What I really need is a good, rugged but not too masculine looking pair of boots that I can wear all weekend all fall and winter with my worn-in jeans.

I had already been saving this pair of Frye Cavalry boots in my endless shopping cart so I took the plunge and clicked through the transaction on my office PC. Note that they were supposed to arrive yesterday since endless offers free overnight shipping, but they emailed me to say there would be a delay, so cannot report on whether Frye boots number four are successful.


phase3 said...

Those fry engineer boots will make you buy expensive shoes for life. I got a pair of cognac mildreds in DSW too. I'm so officially hooked on frye's now. Look cute huh

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