Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Happy Happy Saturday at Anthropologie

Did you ever have one of those shopping days when you loved everything you tried on and everything you tried on was on sale? That was pretty much my Saturday afternoon at Anthropologie. It was a tad crowded in the store (hasn't anyone told the ladies that the economy is bad?), but there was a good shopping vibe in the air and I enjoyed some chats with fellow shoppers while waiting for fitting rooms. If I would have had unlimited time and an unlimited discretionary fund I could have come home with a trunk full. (And let me tell you, there are times when I hit Anthro and everything is just all wrong.)

First I picked up a couple of sweaters , both in a shade of brown.

The sweater on the left is thick and textural and has giant wooden buttons, but it's short (even more cropped in the back than the front) so the bulk doesn't overwhelm. It's also a tad off the shoulder. It's pretty great over everything I've tried it on with.

Brown sweater number two is sort of a scarf-sweater hybrid. The back is cropped, the front long and fringy. It also sports big wooden buttons and fastens with a formidable hook and eye. I love the asymmetrical lapels and the cozy pockets. This makes me long for fall.

I got the deal of the century on the fitted blue jacket (which is a much lighter color in person)--$19.99 from $98. It fits like a dream, darted in all the right places with a touch of a peplum happening. I'm also a fan of the three-quarter sleeves. (I have a Banana Republic bargain of a jacket in my alterations pile that I just cannot wear until the sleeves are shorter.)

I also picked up a perfectly pintucked little white shirt with a touch of ruffle at the chest. It's great under this jacket. (I couldn't find it online.)

The top below (left) was not a Saturday Anthro find--I got it while in Portland--but it's become my new favorite shirt. I like it so much I want it in the other motif (below right). I actually went to Anthro on Saturday specifically to buy the top in the other color scheme, but they only carried the yellow and blue plaid in the store. I'm still thinking about ordering the other top online but I just hate the Anthropologie shipping fees.

A side note on my super shopping: Cheapy had taken Cheapy Junior to see a bat exhibit at the museum center and kept texting me bat pictures--not what I wanted to see while I was there in my happy place, the dressing room. I'm not a fan of the bat. I'm happy bats exist--I know the world needs them. But I prefer to do everything possible to never hang out in the same room with them on purpose. Oh oh oh do they creep me out. Bad Cheapy!

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