Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping with Cheapy at Banana Republic

The Saturday night before Christmas, Cheapy and I had a babysitter and nothing much to do, so we had some wine and went shopping. He wanted to buy some clothes for his dad for the holidays. There was nothing much to be excited about in the Gap (either for me or for my father-in-law) so we hit Banana Republic, and we hit it hard.

Cheapy purchased several items for his father as well as buying another version of his favorite outfit--a grey t-shirt, a grey sweater and khakis. (I'm sure I've mentioned how dull his closet is.) He did bring in a little color with a medium green tee which was a tad surprising for the king of beige. The wine must have made him adventurous!

The wine also made Cheapy want a Material Girl fashion show. I tried on at least half a dozen dresses, even more jackets and sweaters (I bought two sweaters), and a handful of pants.

Cheapy and I and the sales person (who kept saying, "That is hot!") all loved this dress on me.

If you're a regular reader, you know that I would leave the house covered in sequins every day if I could. This dress is a beauty. But, realistically, I have no idea where I would ever where it. Not that that's stopped me before--I have a few treasures in my closet just waiting for the perfect occasion to eventually arrive. This treasure was a tad pricey, even at 40% off, to be a one-day-I'll-wear-it dress. (MSRP is $225.) It's now on sale for $129 plus an extra 20% off. If I had somewhere fancy to go on New Year's Eve and it was going to be above 55 degrees that night I'd be at Banana tomorrow to see if there's one left in my size.

Instead of sequins, I went home with black taffeta. I tried on the animal print version pictured below which I loved, but Cheapy was in favor of the black (he's got a thing for LBDs) and he was buying, so black it was. I'm pretty crazy about this dress. I really did not want to take it off when I was in the dressing room. Oh--and it's got pockets! I'm not in favor of the dress with a necklace as it's shown below, however--why fussy up that interesting neckline? I'll just wear it with formidable earring and some amazing shoes. (More on those in a future post.)

If you dig this print as much as I do, click over to the Banana Republic site or hit the store--it's on sale for $109 from $175, plus an extra 20% off. (They're having a major sale in store and online. Maybe I will be at Banana tomorrow...)


Lauren said...

Isn't the BookExpo in NYC this summer? If the sequin dress is lightweight enough, buy it for Manhattan! If it looked fab on you and it's on even better sale now, you should get it. If you don't, then later on when you want a full-sequin LBD, you'll have what I affectionately refer to as Penny-Pincher's Remorse ...


You are very wise, my dear. You make a good case for purchasing this fabulous LBD. I could get it for $93 if I use the coupon from the new Banana card Cheapy opened when we shopped! (Cheapy opens cards, get the discount and closes cards as often as they will let him.)

I'm so tempted... I'll keep you posted.

Justin said...

I have been very impressed with Banana Republic clothing lately.

Kaylee said...

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