Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Shoe Year!

For my last post of 2008, I bring you a shoe story. It's a tale of high heels, regret, sadness, and, finally, joy...

Once upon a time, Material Girl got some money for Christmas, so she went to her favorite store, Anthropologie, to spend it. It was a great shopping day, for Material Girl liked most everything she tried on. However, that made for some tough decisions.

One of the things she liked was an exquisite pair of saffron colored suede peep-toe pumps by Chie Mihari. She wanted to take them home with her so badly. But, even on sale, the shoes were expensive. If she bought them she would have to put back several of the lovely on-sale sweaters she had chosen.

So, although it was very difficult because the shoes would be perfect with the new dress handsome prince Cheapy had just bestowed upon her, Material Girl did not purchase the shoes.

She was so happy with her new sweaters and new jacket, but she still thought of the shoes and was full of regret--and out of money.

Then Material Girl checked the website of her favorite store and lo and behold--the shoes! And in her size! And twenty dollars cheaper! She put them in her shopping cart. Pay day was only a few days away. When Material Girl had some money once again she would have the shoes as her own.

Then suddenly a mean old witch purchased the shoes right from Material Girl's cart! They were sold out! Material Girl was oh so sad. She even moped and pouted a little.

The next day Material Girl had a babysitter and, hopeful, she ventured back to the store to see if they shoes were still there. She was a bit worried because there had been but one pair when she shopped last. She quickly headed to the sale forest to the very spot where she had found the shoes before. Oh no! They were gone. Another mean old witch must have bought them. Material Girl was sad once again.

But wait...a sales associate had rearranged the shoe display--she spotted them in another place. They would be hers! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Material Girl brought the shoes home and tried them on with her new dress. They were perfect. They were lovely. And Material Girl and her new shoes lived happily every after.

Happy new year, fellow shoppers.

May your 2009 be full of happy shoe tales!

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