Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beyonce: Diva or Deserving?

Last Tuesday, like most of the world, I spent the better part of the day wading through news story after news story related to President Obama's inauguration. One story above all others has stuck with me. It wasn't about the history making ceremony, the celebrations around the world, the inaugural balls, the record crowds, or even Michelle's outfits. It was about Beyonce refusing to walk four blocks in high heels in sub-freezing D.C. Here's a snippet:

[Beyonce] was with husband Jay-Z as they finished rehearsals for his inauguration eve concert at the Warner Theater. According to the New York Daily News, Beyonce wouldn’t walk in high heels, forcing an intervention by the Secret Service, who gave the okay for the pair's driver to gain access to the closed-off street so they could return to their hotel.

OK all you ladies with stilettos in your closet--what say you? If you were in her, um, shoes, would you have hoofed it in your heels or had hubby pull some strings with the Secret Service?

Walking in heels is no picnic, people. I say, you go girl. Beyonce needs to save her heel maneuvers for the stage. I would have totally done the same thing. I will never be as rich or awesome as Ms. Knowles. I'll never get close enough to her to bask in her glow of fabulousness. Hell--I'll never have a driver. I will settle for the vicarious satisfaction I got from this news story.


Bossamama said...

She is rather spectacular. But couldn't she travel with a pair of comfy shoes? That's what I would do. But I definitely would not have wanted to walk the blocks in that frigid weather. So I think I would have had the hubby do some arranging. She could have ended up like Barack, having to continually wipe his freezing air induced runny nose while watching that awful parade! Guess the girl does know what she's doing.

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