Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009--My Year of No Static. Thank you Nexxus

If you're ever anywhere near me in the winter you've heard me bitch and moan. Not about the cold (necessarily). Not about the fact that it gets dark at 5:30. Not about the fact that no one can see my pedicure. I bitch about my hair. More specifically the static in my hair. It's chronic. It's annoying. It's unattractive. It drives me batty.

I've experimented with different products (some suggested at my salon), different hairbrushes, different settings on my blowdryer--and for years just ended up spritzing my hair with water all day long. It was not pretty.

A few weeks ago I was again bitching about the static as my co-workers and I headed out for lunch. My friend suggested I simply hadn't found the right products and I should keep trying. Maybe my hair just needed some more moisture. No, I said, I've tried everything. You have no idea.

A few days later I was at the grocery store cutting through the haircare aisle, hair clinging to my right cheek. Maybe my friend was right, I thought. Maybe I should try something else.

I stopped my cart in front of the Nexxus section. I used these produces in the late '80s and early '90s. They smelled nice from what I remember. A few of them were on sale. I grabbed a couple of things, tossed them in my cart, and started using them the next day.

It is simply a miracle, fellow shoppers. I HAVE NO STATIC. I blow dry. I brush. I put up the hood on my down parka. Nothing. I even tried on sweaters for about an hour last week--I pulled them over my head again and again. No static at all.

The first miracle product is Nexxus Humectress. This is the conditioner my former hair stylist Connie recommended to me starting in 1987 when I got my first spiral perm. (Again, it wasn't pretty.) Now, I've been using a small amount on the ends of my hair in the shower. It's good stuff.

But the super miracle product is Nexxus Headress. I was not familiar with this when I picked it up, but the package says it's a "weightless leave-in conditioner." I've never had luck with leave-in conditioners in the past because my hair is pretty fine and leave-ins tend to weigh it down and make it look even more limp than usual. Not so with Headress. This is the only styling product I've been using. I smooth it in my hair starting in the back, then distribute it all over, with special attention to the ends that frame my face. My hair looks so much better, has not gotten the least bit staticy even one time in the past three weeks (and it's mostly been cold cold cold), and it feels like silk. I am so in love.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the tip, Material Girl! According to UPS, my Nexxus products are waiting for me at the depot as I type. Will give them a try in the morning and report back.

Lauren said...

Had to report back: Four days of using the Nexxus system and I am virtually static free! MG, you are a genius. If I use the conditioner and the leave-in, my hair gets a little flat, but choosing one or the other seems to work for me just fine. Thanks again!

Natalie said...

I usually go for whatever is cheapest, but I share your loathing of static, so I might have to try this! I found your blog when I googled "sweaters that don't get staticy", because my cold dry office + layers + long hair worn down = nonstop ponytails (and even those get staticy).

Kaylee said...

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