Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vintage Jackets from eBay I Couldn't Pass Up

It's been a long time since I've gotten any new vintage items (oxymoron, anyone?), but in a spare half hour over the weekend, I remedied that situation. As I sat in front of the computer in my ridiculously cold basement, I was compelled to do an eBay search for vintage fur coats.

I found a Buy It Now '60s spy girl coat in leather and faux fur that I had to buy. I love the nipped in waist, the belt and the lapels.

The same seller, ladywolf vintage, offered a cropped belted tweedy wool jacket with a rhinestone buckle also with a BIN option. I jumped on that one too.

Later that same day I won another auction for a black faux fur coat, this one from Annabelle Vintage Clothing. It looks so toasty warm. And it was a steal at $9.99. I was the only bidder.

A side note on faux vs. real fur. Last winter I decided I wanted something mink. I found a beautiful vintage mink wrap on eBay, and every time I tried to wear it I just couldn't. I ended up selling it at our annual neighborhood garage sale (that Cheapy always insists we participate in) for one-third of what I paid for it. I got a similar faux fur stole that's a better color, softer, and doesn't skeeve me out. Leather shoes--yes; actual pelts--cannot do.


Lisa T. said...

I'd have bought that mink off you. If you see something good in your eBay travels let me know. Also, I love, love, love that first jacket. Will I see it in NYC?


I'm glad you love the jacket--you have good taste. I may bring it along depending how cold it will be and how much suitcase real estate I have.

Aileen UK Girl said...

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