Sunday, May 15, 2016

Let's Talk About Eyebrows

Every so often one of my TV friends offers a pearl of wisdom that puts everything in perspective for me. Most recently, it was Abbi on the brilliant BROAD CITY:

"I finally figured out my eyebrows. They're sisters, not twins."

She summed up my eyebrow situation perfectly. Back in the '80s, my brows were big and bushy (just like my hair). In the '90s I plucked them into submission much like like Drew Barrymore did:

And then I passed out at the gyno and hit my forehead on the floor. I woke up in a pool of blood, still wearing the paper dress. (Good times.) The plastic surgeon did a great job sewing me up, but a couple decades later, there remains a sparse spot in my left brow left behind by the dozen stitches I got.

Fast forward to the present: I'm obsessed with eyebrows (my own and everyone else's). They really make or break a face. When they're good, a face is beautifully framed.

Here are some brows I admire (all friends, not celebs). There are some great shapes going on here, created by both nature and tweezers:

Cheapy's done some radio advertising for his business, and the sales rep (who is 18 years younger than I am and like 6 feet tall) had a habit of inappropriately wining-and-dining him and inviting him to bars where they only charge a cover for people over 25. This annoyed the hell out of me until I finally met her in person. Really bad eyebrows, people. Over-plucked and odd-shaped and just all wrong. I could never be jealous of someone with brows that bad.

I shape mine myself and use three products daily. First an eyebrow pencil, then a gel followed by a wax/powder combo. I'm not picky about pencils as long as they're the right color. (I usually just grab the Sephora brand.)

The gel I've been in love with for the last year is Benefit's Speed Brow which offers a mascara-style brush. It's easy to apply, stays on all day, and in combo with a brow pencil, takes care of my brow bald spot. I finish up with Brow Zings which magically makes things look fuller and more defined.

Benefit Speed Brow

Benefit Brow Zings

The Brow Zings packaging is getting a makeover which you'll find at your makeup counter in July.

Brow Zings' new look

I'm pretty brand loyal, but always willing to try something new. I've been test-driving Boy Brow from Glossier for a couple weeks. (Their ad on Facebook claims they have a "10,000-person waiting list.") I like it even better than Benefit's Speed Brow, which feels a little stiff when it dries. Boy Brow is easier to apply, has a softer feel, and does an even better job filling in the sparse areas. (I could get away with not using a brow pencil with this stuff.) It's my new go-to.

Glossier Boy Brow

If you have a favorite brow product, let me know in the comments so I can try it. (There have been tons of them popping up ever since Cara Delevingne brows became a thing.) And when you're out and about, pay attention to people's eyebrows. (Pretty soon, you won't be able to stop.)

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Laura Jacobsen said...

Compulsive plucking has made me a pro at filling in mine. My current favs are all Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Wiz in medium brown, the Dipbrow pomade in auburn and the tinted brow gel in auburn!