Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Grommet: Your Go-To for Gadgets & Gifts

Some of the best shopping finds are those things you had no idea you needed buy now can't imagine living without. That's what The Grommet is all about. (I used to find such treasures at Fab regularly, but it's not nearly as fab as it used to be. However, that shouldn't stop you from checking out their Memorial Day Sale.)

The Grommet regularly launches products featuring videos with the creators, an ability to ask questions of them, and plenty of product reviews from consumers. They offer food items, jewelry, decor, toys, and more, but the household and kitchen products are what I love the most. (And it's an ideal place to purchase gifts for pretty much anyone.)

Here are a few of my fave things scored from The Grommet:

Food Huggers
Forget plastic wrap and foil. Slip one of these circles of silicone over half an apple or onion, onto the end of a cut cucumber, or on top of a jar or can. They keep food covered without the waste and clean easily with a sponge or in the dishwasher. I got a set of the round ones pictured below as well as Avocado Huggers (for those rare occasions when I don't eat the entire thing).

Hood To Go
A misty rain can instantly ruin a good hair day for me, but I don't always want to tote an umbrella around. This water-repellent hood goes under any jacket or even a cardigan. It folds up into a little pouch for easy stashing, it's lightweight, and fits nicely into a handbag. I keep one in my car and got a second for my travel bag so I've always got one with me when I'm on vacay.

Drain Weasel
The boy and I share a bathroom. And between his thick head of hair and my long strands, the drains get clogged on a regular basis. The tub can usually be fixed with an application (or two) of Draino, but it's smelly and expensive and I hate to deal with those harsh chemicals, so I decided to give this drain clearer a try. In 10 seconds I retrieved a ping pong ball-size hairball from the tub drain with little effort and no muss. And I cleared a sink drain that had been clogged for the entire 14 years I've been in our house that no amount of chemical product ever budged. Brilliant!

I've tried a few oil sprayers in the past and I've never found one that worked very well until now. This one is easy to fill with your favorite EVOO (or oil of choice) and sprays evenly whether you're prepping a pan to cook eggs or coating veggies for roasting. Even Cheapy loves it.

And there's so much more. Head to The Grommet and explore!

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