Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shoes for the Wedding

Since I'm wearing a short dress for Donya's wedding I must have super cute shoes, and shoes that look good both coming and going, since I'm assuming there will be some aisle walking. At first I was leaning toward a bronze shoe with a brown dress. (Brown shoes are boring and I love love love anything metallic.) But when Donya told me she was thinking gold jewelery for herself (which I think is very cool and not typical bride-y) I began searching out a gold shoe.

I found what I think may be the perfect shoe: The Kenzie Stunner. I got a pair today courtesy of Zappos. Unfortunately I think they run a little small. I already ordered a half size up and will ship the other pair back tomorrow. (I love that easy, no hassle return procedure.)

These are so pretty in person, more rose and not quit as brass as the website photo. And aren't the little brown bows on the back a perfect bridesmaid feature? I really hope the next size fits me!

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