Monday, August 27, 2007

Shoes Glorious Shoes

While I was home on my lunch hour eating a salad and looking a eBay I heard the doorbell ring. "RING!" I knew it had to be my boyfriend the UPS man. And I knew what he was leaving on my porch after his ring-and-run: shoes in a big box from Zappos.

I ordered three pairs to possibly go with the dress I got for Donya's wedding (which I keep trying on and keep still liking a lot). I was going for something in a bronze shoe with a not-too-spiky heel. I got a pair of Charles David (the ones on the left), a pair of Faryl Robbin (the ones below), and a pair of Vaneli (the ones on the right). I loved them all on screen.

Bronze looks really great with the dress. The Charles David shoes really looked bad on. The braided detail was very thick and the t-strap effect did nothing in terms of giving me a long leg line. The Vaneli shoes looked great with the dress--I think they have the right feel and they are elegantly strappy. They are also terribly uncomfortable.

Then the Faryl Robin shoes--I love love love them. (They also come in silver!) I want to wear them to the grocery store. I want to put them on, put my feet up and just stare at them (as soon as I get a nice pedicure). However, they are gold. They're not a very brassy/shiny gold (they look less shiny in person), but they are gold none-the-less. Why aren't they bronze? They would be perfect if they were bronze! Can I wear a gold shoe with the dress with all it's bronze-y embellishments? What if I also wear gold jewelry and carry a gold clutch (there are a few vintage ones in my eBay watch list as I type).

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