Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stuff I Love in Lucky: Sequins

Maybe it's the band of embellishments on the dress I got for Donya's wedding. Maybe it's the fact that I've seen Desperately Seeking Susan like 25 times. Whatever the reason, when I saw that Hope Greenberg, Fashion Director of Lucky: the Magazine About Shopping and Style, choose sequins for her What I Want Now/Editor's Pick section (page 89 of the September issue)--well I said, "Yay!" (out loud--I think I startled the cat. Who, by the way, peed on my gym bag. Again.).

Material Girl loves sequins. Often I feel my two favorite colors are sparkly and shiny. I want sequins and I want them for both daytime and evening.

The average price of the items in Hope's picks is $325. (I love love the French Connection black sequin mini dress, with its "curving panels of shine" at $228.) Hello eBay. I'm thinking vintage! What happens when I decide sequins are my new thing for fall and I hit eBay? I buy too many. (Did I learn m lesson from the enamel flower pin phase? The Sarah Coventry phase? The I-need-more-trench-coats phase? No, I did not.) So, ladies, I am in danger of over-sequin-ation.

This weekend I won auction for three sequin items: A navy sequin cardigan, NWT (that's "new with tags" for you non-eBayers) for $18.50. It's from Talbots. That's right, I said Talbots. It's not just for the old and/or the Republican--occasionally I find something cute there.

I also bid on and won a vintage cropped zip-up-the-back sequin tank in white (at left) for $14.99 and a gold and black very disco sequin cardigan for $23.50.

P.S. I've spent several hours this evening flipping through the new Vogue. I want fall. I want fall now. Summer: I'm so over you. I want to layer dresses and sweaters and wear boots every day. I'm tired of pedicures and sandals and sweating.

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