Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Happy Shopping Story

Last Friday was Cheapy's birthday, so I went to The Mall to get him a new iPod. (He's been wanting to upgrade his for a while but didn't want to plunk down the dough.) I brought my 3-year-old with me so said birthday boy could enjoy some quiet time, and on the way to the elevators (you must always plot out your parking and shopping strategy based on elevator placement when strollering) we popped into Dillard's to check out the shoe selection. I really hate to shop for anything else in Dillard's. I don't even like to go in there. I always get lost and the dressing rooms are hot and poorly lit. This weekend they were practically giving shoes away, and the shoe department is right by the mall entrance, so there was no danger of getting sucked into the Dillard's vortex.

There was a pair of platform red heels that I tried on that were 75% off. They were tall. And comfy. And pretty hot. But the little dude was getting restless and I was getting tired (the Apple store on a Saturday sucks the life out of you) so I didn't buy them. But of course I kept thinking about them all day today. And they were like $19 and size 8.5 (which is very popular!) and I was sure someone would have snapped them up Saturday afternoon.

But lo and behold, when I returned today--there they were! And I bought them! Yay! So many times I've regretting not snagging something, and return to the scene of the crime only to be disappointed. Finding those shoes was like a little shopping miracle. And thanks to global warming, I'll be able to get in at least another five or six weeks of going-out-to-dinner in them. (Those are my actual feet in the actual shoes above. Please excuse my pink glitter pedicure. It's the only thing I can do on my own feet that doesn't look a kindergartner painted them with her fingers.)

I also picked up another pair of black slingbacks--MSRP: $150; Material Girl: $32.50.

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