Monday, September 24, 2007

Open Letter to Target

Dear Target,

You know I think you have a lot going for you. You're bright and shiny and clean and generally well-stocked. You've got hip-nifty ads. And you attract exciting up-and-coming guest designers for your Go collection. Patrick Robinson's stuff was nice. Libertine's was brightly odd. Now you've got Brit Alice Temperley and her black-and-gray-heavy, Victorian-ish collection. Many of these pieces seem good. They look wonderful on the models. They look nice on the hangers. But on me. In your not-the-best-lighting-having dressing room. Well, 95% of the time they miss.

Now here's the part that might hurt, but I love you and I owe it to you to say it: These collections...they look cheap. There's always something that's a little off. They don't hang well. There's a bumpy seam. Whatever. They don't hit the bulls-eye. I came close to purchasing an Alice Temperley collection top today. It had a nice scoop neck, good colors, a dash of metallic thread, would have been nice for layering, and it was $16.99. But something about it wasn't quite right. The shoulder seams, maybe. And it was itchy.

I guess it comes down to this: A $16.99 top is a $16.99 top; a $39.95 dress is a $39.95 dress. When it comes to clothing, more often than not, you get what you pay for. (eBay and clearance racks not withstanding.)

I do have an Isaac Mizrahi for Target striped seersucker sundress that I got on clearance for $24-ish. I've worn it a number of times, and it's darling and looks $20 shy of J.Crew. But I've tried on probably 20 other Isaac dresses that were so not good.

Your guest designers' lines always seem to sell well in the stores, so certainly many consumers do not agree with me. I'll continue to browse these lines in store and hope for that one piece that will flatter--and hope it's actually left in my size (like may darling Patrick Robinson medallion skirt with pockets). Soldier on.

--Material Girl

P.S. Right now Patrick Robinson and Libertine lines are on clearance online. I hope they sell well for you, Target. And I hope my fellow shoppers enjoy them.

P.S.S. Isaac is doing bridal now. Bridal? Hmmmm

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