Monday, July 16, 2007

Libertine: The Latest Go Line at (and in Stores)

The most recent edition of Lucky: The Magazine About Shopping and Style featured a Target ad showing the latest offerings in their Go line, this time by Libertine. When I checked their website right after my mag showed up, the new stuff was not yet available--but as of yesterday the Libertine line can be purchased online.

Libertine for Target offers a mix of bright-'80s-preppy-let's-play-tennis items (a hot pink kick-pleated mini skirt) along with some vaguely-goth pieces (an argyle-with-skulls sweater vest... really) and I have to say I'm not entirely wild about it. There are a few cool pieces that could be styled quite nicely, however. My favorite item is this trench. At under $40 I may have to get one before they're gone (but I wish there were other color choices--I already have a dark blue trench, although not with contrast stitching, white buttons and a modish vibe.) If you check out the line, click on Looks--they have some amusing names for the ensembles like "Libertine Malibu Maven" and "Libertine Melrose Fringe."

I preferred the previous Go line from Patrick Robinson, with it's nautical/Grecian style. (I wore his Medallion Print Bubble Skirt to work today (sans belt with a black Izod polo, an army green cotton jacket, and black platform wedges)--I really love it. It's got pockets!) And now the Patrick Robinson line is on clearance! Get is while you can--it was cheap to begin with but the sale prices make it silly to pass up. It's summery, but there are jackets, sweaters and dresses that can transition nicely into fall with some layering. I think the stuff looks better in person than online (I've checked it out in the store, however the Go items are always picked over and there's never anything left in my size so I always end up shopping for them online.) There's a free shipping deal of some sort, so there's really nothing to lose. Buy it, try it on, take it back to the store--it's like going on a mini shopping trip in the privacy of your own bedroom (which, I'd venture to guess, is a little nicer than your average target dressing room. Cause...ick.) Be sure to read the customer reviews for guidance on sizing--they're helpful. (Fellow shoppers advising one another make the wonderful world of retail even more wonderful.)

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