Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Zappos, I Have Strayed and I'm Sorry

Recently I found a pair of boots I wanted on Zappos (other than the seven pairs currently in my Zappos shopping cart) but it was a tight week for the discretionary fund (just paid the Macy's bill), so I googled the boots (Rockport Pomfort--I have another pair of Rockport boots that are my favorite ones ever) to see if I could find them cheaper.

And, hurrah! I found them on onlineshoes.com. That day they were having a 15% off everything on the site sale or something like that, plus if you paid by PayPal you got $20 off orders over $100. Sold! Instead of paying $163.95 on Zappos, I paid $123.96. And can't we all use a spare $39.99?

This all went down on November 17th. Today is November 27th. That's 10 days. 10! I still have not gotten my new boots. If I would have purchased them from Zappos, I would have been enjoying them for nine days now, or I would have sent them back and gotten a refund a week ago. Instead, here I sit, bootless. Sigh.

(Okay, bootless is a little strong, I do have those other 20-ish pairs. But note that last week I gave away four pairs of boots along with two bags of clothes that don't fit me. I have some holes in my closet to fill. And I'm not happy with my currently black boot selection.)

So, I ask you fellow shoppers: Is it worth $39.99 for immediate gratification? I'm starting to think yet it is. I'm sorry Zappos. I'll try my best not to stray again. You are so so good to me, what with your free overnight shipping and free returns, and nice nice people on the phone who help with my shoe dilemmas (including last Christmas day when Cheapy was buying me a $100 Zappos gift certificate and accidentally purchased everything in my shopping cart, thus buying me $1,000 worth of shoes--a Christmas miracle!)

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