Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shoe Shopping with Cheapy: DSW

I'm starting to think I might have to change my husband's blog persona from Cheapy McMeiserberg to Spendy McShopalot. He keeps planning dates that involve shopping. Last weekend it was boutiques; this weekend evening shoe shopping. (This was after an day of Old Navy with Cheapy Jr. and shopping for an office furniture. We were almost getting to the point of too much retail even for me.)

Cheapy/Spendy has a habit of over-scheduling. His Saturday night plan: babysitter arrives at 6:45; we go taste wine; hit DSW and the Gap at one shopping center; go to Aveda and Macy's at The Mall; have dinner.

We tasted wine, shoe shopped, and went to the Gap for 10 minutes. Cheapy had no idea how long it can take to wend one's way through the two-floor expanse of our beautifully lit and well stocked DSW store.

Cheapy bought two pairs of shoes for himself, one by GBX (his Favorite Shoes Ever!) and one by Timberland. I must say I like Cheapy's taste in footwear. (I happen to think there are not a lot of attractive options when it comes to men's shoes. The lack of footwear options is one of the many reasons I'm happy to be a girl. That and I don't have to shave daily, take out the trash, or walk around with a penis, but I digress.)

During our evening of shopping at DSW, Cheapy had a shopping milestone: It was the first time in his life he's ever purchased two pair of shoes on the same day. (I also think it's the first time he's ever purchased two pairs of shoes in the same year.)

He was on a shoe-shopping high. He was so excited about finding a GBX shoe that he wanted to walk around the store and look for shoes for me. Somehow I walked out with the closest thing DSW had to stripper shoes. They're Michael Kors does stripper shoes in ivory patent leather with a bit of a vintage feel. They're just like the ones pictured below except instead of cork, the heels and platforms are navy and ivory striped. They're very tall but very comfortable, and I let Cheapy talk me into them despite the fact that they're ankle straps and I hate ankle straps. (I'm actually thinking about taking them to a shoe repair and having the strap shortened so they become slingbacks. I love slingbacks.) The fact that these are so light in color, however, makes them an acceptable ankle strap for someone my height. In black or something dark they would cut my leg off at the ankle. The ivory blends enough with my anti-tan that they work. And I've got a perfect pair of shoes to pack next time we go to Vegas.

P.S. Cheapy is still really excited about his shoe purchase. He told me he was in a good mood all day because of his new shoes. He was excited that he got a couple of compliments on them. He said several times throughout the day he took a few moments to just stare at and admire his shoes. I think he's starting to understand me.

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