Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Shopping Weekend: Venturing to the Other End of The Mall

I generally stick to the end of The Mall near Macy's because there's a parking garage there that almost always offers rockstar parking, and it's near the Gap and Sephora.

Today I shopped at the other end of The Mall. (That's where the Aveda store is, and I got a haircut there during their charity cut-a-thon.) There are stores at this end that I like, but sort of forget about. I cruised through Banana Republic and got bored. (I like the Banana at my favorite outdoor mall much better.)

Next I hit the sale rack at J. Crew. They had lots of nice items on sale and tried on a bunch. I thought about a wrap dress and madras mini skirt but passed on them. (I bought a madras blazer from T.J. Maxx recently, and I fear I could easily over-madras.) I tried on several tops and concluded that J.Crew clothing is generally made for B cup and below. (Are the preppy all flat chested? Cheapy will never leave me for a J. Crew model.) I did buy a silk shirt similar to the one below. My friend had this one on when we went out the other night and I really loved it. The one I bought is the same cut but in a gold and white animal print. The print along with an an exposed zipper in the back add a little edge to the conservative boatneck cut. The animal print top looks fab with my destroyed jeans.

I also popped into Ann Taylor for a spell to check out the clearance. (The full price items at the front of the store were really icky. They have this whole white/turquoise/green/blue/lots of pattern thing going on and that I found quite unappealing.) They had a 75% off rack in the back of the store and I found me some paisley. (Much like rickrack, I have a soft spot for paisley.) So I went home with silk shirt number two, a button down in a brown and white paisley pattern. I can't find it online. It was on final sale for $19.99. The cut is really flattering (it's petite). And I recently decided I look really good in brown.

I also bought yet another clutch from an eBay seller. (The red one I got last week was kinda disintegrating so I got a refund from that seller and sent it back.) This one should prove to be quite nice, and it's a perfect neutral for spring--I think it will go well with my two new silk tops--and I really like that it's got silvertone accents instead of goldtone.

And check out how nice this bag is on the inside. It looks new.

My only other recent purchase was a pair of straight cut black pants from the Gap. I got them on Thursday when I took back some trouser jeans because I decided the rise was too low. I will be bringing these pants to a tailor, however, to have the waistline taken in just a bit. (They will join the three dresses and one pair of pants in need of hemming that have been in a shopping bag in my trunk for two weeks--it's hard to find time to go to the tailor). The size I purchased fits perfectly everywhere but the waist. I can literally take them off without unbuttoning them. The next size down was too tight everywhere except the waist, of course. But with a little nip, they'll be just right. Everyone should find a good tailor--proper fit is important, fellow shoppers!

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