Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Boutique Fashion Show Date with Cheapy

Cheapy put Cheapy Jr. in the jogging stroller and took off on a run to the downtown area of our tiny city. A few minutes later, I got a phone call. Cheapy had found the perfect place for us to begin our Saturday night date: a Jackie O.-inspired spring fashion show at a neighborhood boutique. Go figure! (I'm starting to get that Cheapy likes boutiques way better than The Mall--woo hoo! It didn't hurt that there were free drinks.)

Needless to say, I was in on his plan. I picked out my outfit: an asymetrical black silk cap-sleeve top, a bronze and silver metallic shrug, and my sad Gap jeans. (I really need some decent denim. But that's another post.) I abandoned wearing my Poetic License two-tone metallic mary janes because it was chilly out and the event was outdoors, instead wearing my standard black Rockport boots.

By the time our babysitter arrived and we got to our fashion destination (Romauldo's for men/Kennedy's for ladies) we had missed the show, but the bar was still open as were the boutiques.

I found the sale rack in Kennedy's and came away with a Tracy Reese black silk tunic at 40% off. It's hard to see the details in this photo--a problem with viewing black clothing online--but it's got a pleated ruffle down the front and interesting seaming that gives it a really flattering shape. In the back, it closes with a shiny crystal button at the neck. (Why does the model have such bad posture?)

Cheapy and I found the clearance in the men's store as well. They had a shelf full of gorgeous $300 cashmere sweaters at 75% off. A sales associate got us in a conversation about his cashmere sweater philosophy: He advises men to start with navy blue and charcoal gray, move on to olive green, then begin to branch into other colors. I was enjoying this conversation immensely, happy with my purchase in hand which Cheapy paid for since I couldn't fit my wallet into my vintage clutch. Cheapy, however, was in pain. I'm fairly sure he would have gone into a retail-induced freak if he wasn't on his second beer. Too bad--he would look so nice in the navy cashmere.

He did spy a tie he liked for something like $145. It was black with purple paisley and made of buttery soft textured silk. He called it "Johnny Cash in Vegas," a fab description.

These boutiques were doing quite the business during the event, stuffed full of men in pink Bermuda shorts and blue blazers and women in $600 shoes. I saw a tall brunette with thick bangs, a thick ponytail and skinny jeans purchase a pink satin bomber jacket for $640 which she immediately began wearing. (I it found interesting yet a tad gaudy.)

Although I missed the spring fashion show, I picked up a guide which listed all the clothing the models wore. My favorite item on the list: Dion pink/blue pocket square: $40. I once saw an interview with a fashionable rapper that I'd never heard of say a man leaving the house without a pocket square is like a woman leaving the house without lip gloss. Ponder that for a bit.

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