Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Saw Sarah Jessica Parker at The Mall

When I got to the office today, my coworker, most casually, asked, "Are you going to The Mall today to see Sarah Jessica Parker?"


(Note: I'm not a fan of yelling in capital letters, but in this instance it couldn't be helped.)

It seemed SJP was appearing at Macy's, signing bottles of her fragrance Lovely. Of course I got online to get the scoop. I called the Sarah Jessica Parker hotline. (I kid you not--that's what they called it.) Tickets gone!

Fear not fellow shoppers and SJP fans. I soldiered on. SJP appeared at noon. I left the office at 11:36 (not before asking my coworker if I should change my shoes. I was only half kidding) and zipped home to grab my Canon. I sped to The Mall, running several red lights. I got rockstar parking in garage by the men's store (the secret best place to park--don't tell everyone).

As soon as I walked through the doors, I saw the line.

Hundreds and hundreds of people who purchased $150 fragrance gift sets in pink canvas bags. I walked past them all and slipped into I.N.C. past the security dude up to the railing and staked out a spot mere feet from where SJP would appear in less than 15 minutes.

Okay, I have to tell you--I was really excited. I could actually feel my heart beating faster. I think my palms may have been sweating a little. I weird guy waiting next to me with a camera and his mother asked me how long I've been a fan. "Since Square Pegs," I told him. He looked confused.

Finally I heard cheering. More cheering...there she was. This was not a celebrity sighting, people. This was the celebrity sighting. I felt like Chris March on Project Runway about to tear up. I took a picture of her shoes.

I think her fragrance is aptly named--she was indeed lovely. Sweet and friendly. Fabulous hair. Darling dress. Her wheelchair-bound elderly kindergarten teacher came to the event and SJP hugged her and talked to her and was so gracious. She smiled for every photo. She chatted. She's left handed like me.

It was practically religious. All day I was filled with SJP joy. My almost daily Sex & the City reruns viewing suddenly has new meaning.

I almost wish I liked perfume.


Meg said...

Oh, Alice, nice pics! And her shoes are so pretty. I'm glad to hear she seems nice.

mmpope said...

SJP has a clothing line at Steve and Berry's that started last summer. She came to Cincinnati Mills S&B to kick it off.

My mom, sister and I went to see her.

Was it shocking how short she was?

Well... the heels might have hid it.

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