Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Need to Clean Out My Closet: A Photo Essay

I've been reading a number of style books lately (some of which I've reviewed in this space, some of which I haven't gotten around to reviewing in this space) and everyone from Kim France to Tim Gunn seem to offer the same advice: Edit your closet.

I've been trying to do this, but it's quite the long-term project. (I think I'd need a week and half of PTO.) I've just finally unloaded the last of my fat clothes and I've recently taken 30 plus items to a local consignment shop, but I still fear that the addition of another half dozen items will cause some sort of garment explosion. I offer a tour of my dressing room--our spare bedroom which is home to my dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, jackets, sweaters, tops, shoes, boots and accessories of all kinds. (Coats live in Cheapy's extra closet. He's got two, both sparsely populated with varying shades of khaki.)

Full view of both closets. I know all of this stuff is not "soul-stirring," as Tim Gunn would put it.

In between is my earring collection, hung on two letter-size desk accessories I got from Organized Living. (I swiped them from Cheapy's computer desk. It's sort of a hopeless mess anyway. I think another trip to Organized Living is in my future.)

The dresses/pants/skirt/sweater closet. There are often sweater avalanches.

The tops/t-shits/jackets/workout wear closet. There are often t-shirt avalanches.

Three jewelry boxes. (All came from eBay. All are packed with pretty shiny things.)

Bangles and bracelets in baskets and on an old rubber stamp holder.

My vintage flower pins (a few were my mom's), buttons, and part of my necklace collection.

Bags (there is also a full dresser drawer of bags), drawers of summer shoes, drawers of belts and scarves, a stack of shoe boxes, and my rain boots. (Can't wait until it warms up so I can wear that red skirt again. I love that skirt.)

My boots live here. They are longing for more boot friends. Those flat brown Diba ankle boots are my latest edition. They make me feel all '80s happy. The Ugg boots are for yoga class only. The pink Rockports barely leave my feet on weekends--I wish I had a brand new pair stashed under the bed for when these finally bite the dust.


mmpope said...

I think that Cheapy should let you turn the spare bedroom into a nice, big walk in closet. Why cut back on clothes. :)

Material Girl said...

You are a very wise young lady.

Lisa T. said...

Perhaps whatever you get from the consignment shop could then be put toward hanger and storage upgrades. Cause, lady, if you hang anything else on that wooden bar it's going to snap in two. Also, I think I might be frightened of the owl pendent.

Material Girl said...

You really have to see the owl pendant ON. With the right outfit it really works.

braydons_mamajama said...

Are you interested in donating or giving any of your unused/unwanted clothing/shoes/boots/accesorries away? My best friend is a single Mom who is financially NOT doing well. She is on a budget and she hasnt bought anything new for herself in like 5 or 6 years! Her and her son were living in a apartment complex and it caught fire. She is now staying in my basement. So if your willing to donate, or give anything away that would be great. If not are you willing to sell anything?

braydons_mamajama said...

If you are interested please email me at: Braydons_mamajama@yahoo.com
Thanks and God Bless!

Urban Elements said...

Those brown ankle booties are absolutely fabulous. Love your taste!

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