Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sorting Out My Storage Issues: Pottery Barn Kids

You may remember a while back when I posted pictures of the mess that is my dressing room.

We'll I've been doing a bit of closet purging and rearranging. I've moved all my jackets to Cheapy's spare closet, gave some things away, and sold a few vintage items at our garage sale last Saturday. I've also started a "for consignment" pile. But, as usual, I'm also acquiring things (shoes, accessories, new dresses, etc.)--so something's gotta give. I need more storage. And it's Pottery Barn Kids to the rescue.

I've been trolling the Internet for quite a while and decided that the PBK Cameron wall system (or small parts of it) are just what I need.

I just ordered a cubby unit, which is four cubes, as well as an art cubby. I'm quite excited about the latter. The art cubby has an long open space on the bottom and a number of long narrow shelves--perfect for kids drawings as well as trays of jewelry. Now I'm looking for so long flat cookie-sheet-like trays that can go in the shelves. I'll line them with fabric covered foam and fill them with necklaces, bracelets and the like. Once I get it all together I'll post some pictures. I'm very anxious to get things organized and put away--it will make my morning accesorizing happier. No more spilling cigar boxed full of bracelets and untangling necklaces. Hurray!

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