Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm Not a Plastic Bag

Have you heard about the Anya Hindmarch I'm not a Plastic Bag canvas tote frenzy? These totes, being released in limited editions around the world, are causing a Cabbage Patch Kids-like reaction from consumers--those who want to be chic and green and those who want to make a little green.

I read that they released 20,000 for sale at an NYC Whole Foods and they went in a matter of hours for $15 each. And customers stood in long lines for hours to get them. Then they were immediately all over eBay. They're fetching upwards of $100. I've seem some bidding go as high as $250 (the same price some guy sold a copy of the new Harry Potter book for on eBay a few days ago after an online retailer accidentally shipped books out several days before the official release for the book).

So I ask you--what's so great about this bag? I'm all about not acquiring more plastic bags. I carry two cloth bags in my purse at all times and I have a trunk full of Trader Joe's shopping bag to reuse. It's pretty rare I bring a new bag into the house. But I don't find this Anya bag particularly cute or fashionable. It seems all one has too do to create a buzz is to make something limited edition. In six months I predict that all the people who shelled out a hundred buck for this may feel as silly as all those people who collected Beanie Babies. I'd take one for maybe $35. Yikes--the bandwagon is starting to call to me--jump on...jump on...jump on...

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