Monday, July 30, 2007

Stuff I'm Sick Of, Stuff I Dig

I've been to the mall several times recently and I'm always scoping out my favorite online sites. Here are a few things I'm really tired of and wish they would go away:
  • Things referred to as babydoll or trapeze: If you read my last post, you'll note that I have just recently purchased a babydoll dress. I have also recently taken said dress back to Macy's. I got it home and tried styling it a number of ways and it just wasn't doin it for me. It looked ridiculous with boots, too cumbersome with jackets and sweaters. I've been lending out my old maternity clothes lately. I don't need regular clothes that make people wonder if I might be five months along.
  • Skinny pants: I'm fairly confident these are going away, but I inadvertently grabbed several pair off clearance racks over the weekend. They looked cute and normal on the hangers. They looked simply horrifying on me. Who can wear these, I ask? The 5 foot 10 and leggy fantasy Material Girl.
  • Tunics: One day when my dreams come true and I'm 5 foot 10 and leggy with tiny perky boobs, I'll have a wardrobe of tunic-y tops that look just fab on me with my skinny pants. For now I feel the tunic must be stopped. Will designers please come up with something else?
Here are a few things I'm digging and/or excited about:
  • Fall: Leaves changing, crisp breezes, boots, sweaters, jackets. How I love me some fall wardrobe items. Perhaps a fitted jacket or slim cardigan over one's tunic or trapeze dress might be helpful.
  • Shirt dresses: My second Material Girl post went on about a shirt dress from the Gap. I'm in love with the shirt dress, a style I always thought I couldn't pull off. I have two; I must have more. It's so flattering. It's so versatile. Long live the shirt dress!
  • Wegdes: I'm so happy to see so many comfy comfy wedges in stores and online. I'm not good with heels (stupid knees!) but I can handle a three-inch wedge, especially if a platform is involved. My boot of choice for fall will be a versatile black leather wedge boot which I have yet to locate. However, the search is officially on.
  • Wicker, straw and rattan bags: Thanks to vigorous eBaying, I've suddenly got a small, lovely collection of vintage handbags and clutches made of wicker, straw and rattan. These bags are the one reason I'll be sad for fall to come. Fall leads to winter, and for winter have be in the drawer until spring.


Meg said...

I am a huge fan of that Gap shirt dress as well. It's so stinking cute! I saw it on a store model with black tights, and it was freaking adorable, but I wonder, wouldn't the cotton shirt dress stick to the tights? And it seems too short for a slip. These are the things I wonder about.

Kaylee said...

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