Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome to My Blog, Fellow Shoppers!

This is my first Material Girl post. Thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog because I love shopping. I'm a women; I gather. But even more than the actual buying of the stuff, I love the hunting for the stuff. I'm all about online retailing. I'm an eBay addict. I practically have the inventory of Zappos memorized.

I tend to get on kicks and collect things. Here's a list of some of the clothing and accessory items I have amassed en mass or am in the process of collecting:
  • vintage enamel flower pins
  • vintage sweater chains
  • leather clutches
  • straw clutches
  • straw handbags
  • rain boots
  • vintage clip-on earring I convert to wires
  • celluloid jewelry (not the best)
  • boldly patterned faux wrap matte jersey dresses (I'm never allowed to by another one of these)
  • thick plastic and Lucite bangles, vintage and new
  • new dresses with a '50s party dress vibe (kind of Lilly Allen lite. She so rocks that silhouette.)
There are more, but I don't aim to bore. Needless to say, my closet is exploding. (My closet is actually in a spare bedroom, so the whole room has turned into a closet--earrings and pins hang on the walls, shoes are taking over the floor space. You get the idea.)

In this space I'll share news of my shopping adventures, the trials and the triumphs. (Sometimes it's no picnic at the mall.) I'll mention good sales, both in stores and online. I also put together some good links of shopping sites and fashion blogs I enjoy. And I'll talk about the things I'm currently obsessed with, hunting for, or sad I missed.

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