Saturday, July 14, 2007

Three-Day Boutique Sale

Yesterday I went to a sales that featured a bunch of local boutiques who had set up temp shop in an electronics store next to DSW. It was odd but rather exciting. Some of the boutiques participating had set up makeshift dressing rooms behind screens or sheets draped over things. Mostly there were a bunch of women trying things on over their clothes or just stripping down wherever. (I think it's a shopping trip my husband might have almost enjoyed for this reason. And let me say the young, blond, apparently well-to-do ladies of the greater Hyde Park area wear tiny undies and seem to be diligent bikini waxers. They also prefer their demin to be very tight.)

Here's my impression of the offerings of some of boutiques involved in this group event. (I had only been in two of the actual boutiques locations and I didn't hit all of them during the sale--I only had an hour.) Keep in mind that they were generally offering clearance merch and items from past seasons:
  • Fetish: For semi-tacky young women with lots of disposable income.
  • Soho: Lovely items, helpful staff. I purchased a great black dress by BCBG/Max Azria. I'll be visiting this boutique.
  • Suki: Funky/Quirky stuff. I little much even for me. Definitely better items in their store (although their in-store items are still a little quirky for my taste). Oh, and they didn't bring a mirror.
  • Sara Benjamin's: Too old and sparkly.
  • Femme: To girly.
  • Miss Martha: For semi-tacky older women with lots of disposable income.
  • Alligator Purse: For women off all ages with good taste and lots of disposable income. I bought two tops from them. They had some beautiful items, but their original prices were...well lets say I can't afford the window shop there. But I wish I could.
  • Demin: Very demin-y.
  • Plum Diore: Probably have great stuff in the store, but not their best items at this sale. Saw at least one item that I had also seen in Anthropologie. Helpful, nice staff. I'll be visiting their store.
  • Coco's on Madison: Again, not their best items at this sale, but their clothing sensibility seemed cool. I'll check out this store as well.
  • Arte Nouveau: Too expensive and not very exciting pieces.
I got a wrap top in a darling pattern from Alligator Purse that's got elastic sleeves. I'm going to have the elastic removed and the sleeves shortened. I'll also move a button. I purchased a great long sleeved tee with fabulous detailing on the sleeves. It's way too long so I'll snip it off. Which brings up a good piece of advice (and I know Clinton & Stacy would agree): get things tailored. It's important that your clothes fit. Whether you go to the alterations dude at the dry cleaner or a fancier venue, alterations are affordable and a great way to make and almost-there item look fabulous on you.

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