Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Huband Hated My Outfit!

Friday night my husband and I hit the mall about 45 minutes before the start of movie we were seeing. Then he told me he didn't like my outfit, and--this was the wine talking--we should go buy me a new one. He was interested in a short purple babydoll dress in the window of Forever 21. No way I was going for something that cheap when he had a buzz and a credit card. We headed to Macy's.

I ended up with a cute blue shirt dress from Macy's house brand INC after a mini Material Girl fashion show and a lecture from the old lady who worked there that men aren't allowed in the dressing rooms. I'm generally a big fan of INC--they can be a little too trendy but you can often find some of-the-moment items along with wardrobe staples (like the great trench coats they just got in)--and they are pretty well made. And the great thing about shopping department stores like Macy's is that something is always on sale.

Since I only had about half an hour to shop, I found myself back at the store on Saturday morning. (My husband said it was like he brought a junkie to an opium den. Whatever.) My Saturday morning finds included three more INC items. I got a black and white patterned jersey babydoll dress with a bubble hem--trendy but very flattering on. I also bought two pairs of shorts, a leopard print for my more '80s moments (seen on the model above whose legs are longer than my entire body) and a knee-length pinstripe pair with sewn a in grosgrain belt detail.

After that I hit Sephora to stock up on a few of my fav Stila products. For other Stila fans out there, they are currently having a 20% off sale on their vintage line.

P.S. I got the silver Vince Camuto shoes the other day. They are just as beautiful in person, but I fear the heels are too high for me. However they look divine with my blue dress so I'm still mulling over whether or not to keep them.

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Lisa said...

Oh, that is so hilarious. I get such a chuckle out of the two of you getting a talking to by elderly and irate Macy's staff. I think you should keep the heels, everyone needs a pair or two of cruel shoes!