Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anthropologie: You Disappoint

Material Girl keeps catalogs in the pink bathroom next to the toitey. One might as well peruse some clothing while one does her business--it's efficient and nice way to pass the time on the throne. (I've been enjoying the current J. Crew holiday catalog, particularly the accessories and shoes.)

The two most recent Anthropologie catalogs are currently in the ol magazine rack. The more I look through them (I'm, um, very regular) the more I'm certain that much of the current crop of offerings at what is generally one of my favorite stores has been beaten rather severely with the ugly stick. The sweaters, in particular, are rather hideous.

I give you visuals:

Ugly, ugly and ugly. A designer binged on pattern and vomited all over these garments. They look like rugs. Ugly rugs. Others resemble doilies or upholstery. Were they going for a home furnishing look? Personally Material Girl does not want to walk the streets looking even remotely like a 1970s sofa.