Friday, November 30, 2007

Material Girl's This-Week-in-Shopping Wrap-up

I got the Rockport boots. The day after I blogged about them taking ever so long to arrive, my new boots were on my porch when I went home for lunch. I put them on and wore them the rest of the day and I love them. They fit perfectly and look good and they are crazy comfy (and not even crazy comfy for heels--just plain crazy comfy. I'm a Rockport fan.)

Emotional shopping at Anthropologie. Material Girl had a rough few days at work this week, so instead of emotional eating (there was an office rum cake and a food day calling my name) I and decided to do some emotional shopping. I went to Anthropologie and bought two things, one on sale, one full price. The full-price item was the coolest, most interesting little sweater that you can button a million ways and looks way better on than on-the-hanger. (Wackadoo Elisa on Project Runway would call it polymorphic judging from the SJP episode.) Buying this sweater gave me one of those all-too-rare and exciting and happy dressing room moments. I tried it on during my third trip in, and I hadn't yet found anything I loved or even liked. (I decided from now on I'm only buying things I love. Nothing I'm lukewarm about will be added to my bursting closet.) Then I put on the sweater and just got that vibe, sort of like when you're looking at apartments or houses or potential boyfriends--that vibe that says, oh yes, you two are meant to be together. I loved the look and the feel and the color and I love how I feel when I have it on. I am in love with this sweater. Every shopping trip should have such a moment. (However, I still stand by my post about about Antropologie's current ugly sweater collection.)

eBay hits and misses. You all know that Material Girl is an eBay addict. Throughout my years of purchasing garments and accessories through the site there have been some really good purchases and some not-so-great purchases. One should never buy something that one is not fairly convinced one will love just because no one else bid on it and it's cheap. Its like like buying something on clearance just because it's 75% off that you don't really need and does not really flatter you and you will never really wear. (Guilty!) This week I had two great purchases and two misses. First I got a black sequined J. Crew cardigan for $33.98. I had seen this in their catalog last year and I really wanted one, but it was expensive then it sold out. I got the eBay sweater in the mail today and it's gorgeous and fits me perfectly (and hopefully ends my current sequins phase). I also bought an off-white sequined angora shrug. It's not good. Not good at all. $5.99 plus shipping down the drain. Lastly, I won and auction for a vintage Bellestone handbag. Don't know if it's alligator or lizard or what, but it's a beauty and it's in near perfect condition and it was $31 plus shipping--a steal for pristine Bellestone. (I've wanted an exotic skin bag since my trip to Saks in L.A.) Lastly, I got a silk leopard print wrap dress. OK but not great. And billed as vintage but really Maggy London. $28.50 and disappointing. I really want a leopard wrap dress and I've been looking for a while. This is not the one.

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