Sunday, November 18, 2007

Power Shopping with Cheapy

For the last week or so, Cheapy had been saying he's in need of a new pair of dungarees. He owns just two pairs of jeans and the one ones he likes best are getting pretty frayed and icky, so I agreed with him. And Material Girl will never pass up an opportunity to go to The Mall with Cheapy's wallet.

with me and pay for the list of Benefit products I need to replenish. I was hoping for a leisurely stroll around the shopping center on Saturday night. The Mall would be empty. We had a babysitter. If Cheapy had enough wine before we go, I thought, maybe I could even get him to go to Sephora and pay for the list of Benefit products I need to replenish. Hah!

He called me at 5 on Sunday afternoon on his way home from work and said he was ready to shop. The Mall closed at 6. It takes him approximately 17 minutes to get home from work. Cheapy Jr. and I put on our shoes and coats and waited by the door. We drove, we parked, we hit the Gap. The entire excursion, which included a stop in the toy store, took less than 20 minutes. And somehow Cheapy managed to find the only pair of jeans in the whole men's wall of denim that were on clearance, and they were his size. I think he has some sort of Cheapy radar. He walked out with a red-for-the-holidays Gap bag in hand for under $13.

I hate this kind of rush rush shopping. It's stressful. Shopping should be leisurely and fun. There should be browsing. There should be aimless wandering. There should be serendipity. There should be no (sober) Cheapy.


what a nice guy said...

Maybe shopping should be avoided at all costs because it's such a vapid activity and cheapy is on to something in that he'd want to spend time with his significant other, or maybe a nice bottle of wine. Or perhaps cheapy would love to spend time with his child(ren).

Kaylee said...

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