Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anthropologie: Some Choice Goods

I've been paging through the Anthropologie catalogs ones again, and despite the fact that I still think they're offering many sweaters this season that look like ass, there are several items that I think are really beautiful, so I thought they deserved a little Material Girl love. (For even more Anthropologie blog love, visit fellow shopper Sophie's new blog Breakfast at Anthropologie.)

Again, I offer visuals.

So if Cheapy asks any of you what I want for Christmas this year, send him to this blog post. He'll have to wing it on the sizes. And take me out to dinner a few times so I can dress up. (Wouldn't the orange corduroy dress look cool with my fav boots?)

I fear Cheapy's head might explode a little when he sees the prices of these little numbers. But, believe it or not, while Cheapy does not spend much on himself when it comes to the wardrobe, he is actually quite often a generous and thoughtful gift giver.

P.S. Does it drive anyone else crazy that you can't right-click on items on the Anthropolgie site and open them in a new window. It really slows down the shopping. At least they show the price on the main page now.


what a nice guy said...

I bet that cheapy guy is real handsome and loves helping people with his actions, not his money.

Material Girl said...

Material Girl readers: Does anyone else think that "what a nice guy" is a Cheapy? Cheapy--I'm onto you!!

Kaylee said...

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