Saturday, November 17, 2007

Material Girl, Coach Potato

Material Girl loves TV almost as much boots. I work all day, I wrangler a toddler; I need to recline on the chaise and ingest brain candy before I sleep. Here are my current TV crushes, some long-term, some new, all fashion-y. I think you should watch them all so we can talk about them.
  • Gossip Girl. The CW and Material Girl are good good friends despite the fact that Material Girl is, ehem, just slightly older than their target demographic. They've sucked me in again with this new show based on series of YA novels. If you don't watch it for the ultra bitchiness or the we're-oh-so-rich-and-oh-so-screwed-up beautiful people, watch it for the clothes. It's so fabulous to see teenagers donning dresses that cost more than (both my) wedding dress(es combined) for, say, a birthday party or brunch. And I'm all about Blair bringing back the slip. The slip needs a comeback. And let's not forgot about Chuck Bass. If James Spader in the 80s and Logan Huntsberger had a baby, he would be Chuck Bass. He rocks bow-ties and wears a signature scarf. He's awesome.
  • Project Runway's new season and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. I love me some Tim Gunn. He's divine--the catch phrases, the perfect grooming, the honest assessments, the occasional tearing up, the 10 Items Essential to Every Woman's Wardrobe. Watch and learn.
  • Sex & the City reruns. Oh Patricia Field. Where did you come up with some of those outfits for Ms. Bradshaw? While they range from wack-a-doo to fabulous, I feel I always learn some good fashion lessons from viewing the clothing on Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. At least once a week I have a eureka moment watching the show. (Eureka moments generally send me right to eBay.) Favorite Carrie quote: "I like my investments where I can see them--in my closet."

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