Monday, November 12, 2007

My Three Favorite eBay Stores

I've been shopping on eBay for years, and there are three eBay sellers I've found myself buying from again and again. These are sellers who have set up eBay "stores" or simply continually offer merchandise (as opposed to other sellers who just randomly auction goods when, say, they clean out their closets or hit a interesting estate sale).

These three sellers have made me a happy repeat buyer:
  • little-baby-kitty: This is a guy out of L.A. who sells clothing, some of which has been worn on TV. He offers modern and vintage items, frequent leather, and myriad unique finds by anyone from Bebe and Banana Republic to BCBG and Betsy Johnson. Up for auction right now: A lovely Catherine Malandrino black silk dress with floral appliques at this writing going for $39.99 with zero bids; and a Peter Scott vintage customized sweater (pictured) that's one of a kind currently going for $9.99 with zero bids. Items sold by little-baby-kitty tend to start off a little high (probably $39.99 on average) but I've noticed that if things don't sell after a few listings, opening minimum bid will drop by $10 or even $20. My fav Material Girl little-baby-kitty find: A two layered black Diesel skirt, featuring a long chiffon layer under a cotton twill mini with a wide band for $29.99.
  • Deja Jewels Galerie des Bijou: This store, run by dina9, offers some really beautiful vintage pieces. It's rhinestone heaven for me. (Have I mentioned that Material Girl digs shiny things?) You'll find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and broaches ranging from pricey signed vintage pieces to low priced costume jewelry--deco, ivory, bakelite, jade and gems. Some of dina9's pieces will set you back a few clams, but you'll often find Buy It Now or Best Offer options. Up for auction right now: An estate chunky black Onyx double heart necklace at $67.99 or Best Offer and a rather stunning Lisner rhinestone circle brooch (pictured) which is a steal for BIN at $17.50. My fav Material Girl Deja Jewels purchase: An amazing deco rhinestone necklace for $35.
  • Jewels n Treasures: This store is my absolute favorite place to buy cheap costume jewelry, particularly necklaces. I've gotten a slew of them from this store--partly due to the buy-three-and-shipping-is-free policy. Have I mentioned how cheap this stuff is? Currently for auction: a 32-inch gumball beaded necklace in of-the-moment purple which can't be passed up at $8.95 BIN and a very Jackie O double-strand imitation pearl necklace (pictured) at $9.98 BIN. Fav Material Girl Jewels n Treasures Girl purchase: A short multi-strand beaded necklace in shades of white, icy blue and turquoise for $8.95.

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