Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally--the Perfect Sequined Top

Loyal Material Girl readers may remember that I've been going through a bit of a sequins phase. Finally, after many months of eBaying (some good purchases, some bad), I've found the perfect sequined top--for $15.43 with shipping. It's a vintage beauty. It fits like a dream. It's heavy with sequins and tiny pearls, zips up the back, and has mini slits on either side. And it looks great with both denim and boots and black pants and heels.

I'd vow never to purchase a sequined item again but I don't know if I could help myself. It's hard to resist clothes that are so much like jewelry. (Did any of you see the silver sequined mini dress Brooke Shields wore on Lipstick Jungle? To die for.)

Now I've just got to get Cheapy to take me somewhere fancy for dinner so I can wear this top which is now gently folder and padded with tissue paper.

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