Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shoe Shopping at

It's been a slow month here at Material Girl HQ. I've got a few trips coming up this summer so I've been trying to chill on the shopping so I have a little dough left in my discretionary fund to enjoy some east and west coast sartorial spending.

But here's the thing about visiting New York--a girl needs comfy shoes. I can't walk around the city and enjoy browsing shops and street vendors if my feet hurt. My feet are not used to such...use. Here in the Midwest there's always a place to park. We drive everywhere. The most walking I do is around The Mall, but even then I usually plan my shopping outings for one end of The Mall or the other--more efficient, less walking. At the outdoor shopping center, I've been known to drive from Anthropologie to DSW which it not really that far, but I figure I gotta stop at my car to pop things in the trunk anyway...

Where was I...oh yeah--comfy shoes for walking around New York. I had recently purchased a pair of black pointy flats by Born that were on clearance at DSW. They were awesome on my right foot. The left foot, however--ouchy. The arch support in the right shoe somehow got all lumpy and it was quite unpleasant as I tried them out walking about my yard. I gave the bottoms a good diaper wipe cleaning (diaper wipes are good for many tasks--someone at Anthropologie once told me they use them to clean schmutz off of clothes) and I returned them.

But I kept thinking about them so I searched for them online and found them at, which is now owned by Zappos. doesn't have free shipping unless you spend $100, and their return policy is not nearly as liberal as Zappos' (you only have 30 days to return and you have to cover return shipping), but this allows to offer deep discounts. (I found that the 6pm site is not nearly as easy to browse as Zappos.)

I had originally purchased the Born flats in black, but 6pm also carried them in red, so I chose that option instead. I also found a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs platform sandals--because I need LA shoes too.

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Kim said...

Nice shoes.... 6PM is an amazing store with it's wonderful collection of shoes.