Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trying on Rogan for Target's Go Collection

I finished up a big project at work today in the early afternoon so I decided to take the rest of that day off and hit Target them the gym. (Conveniently, Target is practically right next to my gym.) Recently the latest Go collection was released from guest designer Rogan Gregory. (Read about his eco-friendliness--and view his formidable facial hair--here.)

Rogan's collection was released about a week ago (and it didn't seem as picked over as the Jovovich-Hawk offerings I perused at the same Target store the day after they'd come out). I like the overall look of the collection. The colors are mostly soft and muted or black (with a random yellow or bright blue thrown in), lots of animal prints and lots of linen. Here are a few things I tried on.

The zebra top was, of course, way too long for me. It's one of the many items I've tried on in my lifetime that I would have purchased had I been taller. Interesting details in the buttons--they are distressed metal with a random hot pink one--something that only you would know was going on if you wore the top buttoned--fun! (There are lots of surprising buttons in this collection.) The blazer--also too long or I would have taken it home. It fit nicely and I love the leopard fabric showing through the light gauzy fabric--what a subtle way to do animal print.

I had to try on the black romper--how can one resist a romper? (I remember the light purple one I had in eighth grade. It had flowers embroidered at the neckline. I always wore it over a green polo shirt. It was wonderfully hideous, and, unfortunately, captured in a number of photos. I wore it the same year I cut my own bangs within an inch of their life. Actually they were only about an inch long. Thirteen--not my most attractive age.) Well I seriously thought about buying this romper. It fit pretty well. But I decided I am indeed too old to wear such an item of clothing, even if it's not purple. The linen babydoll dress is a nice fabric. I'm so over billowy babydoll silhouettes, though. Not a good look on me. (It does have pockets, however, which is groovy feature in a dress.)

These two silk dresses are the same cut in different fabrics. I carried the leopard print one too and from three different trips to the dressing room before deciding against it. Every time I try on something silk at a store it seems to be static crazy. It was so hard to tell how this dress would drape because it was stuck to me. (I've had this problem in Macy's a few times. Stores must be super electric. The last silk dress I bought was fine once I got it home.) Also note that these models are tall. These dresses hit me at the knee.

I dig these striped items--but not on me. I'm always a sucker for a wrap dress, but this linen number was cut weird in the shoulders. It was a tad line-backer-ish on. And the mini skirt was not so mini. This might have worked well if I had been able to try on the correct size, but this item was almost sold out. (The belt is striped linen on one side and animal print fabric on the other.)

It's hard to tell in this image, but the halter dress above is a black-on-black zebra print. They didn't have my size (note: these run really small), so I hit a computer in the Target and purchased the dress right there in the store before I left. Target is offering free shipping for purchases over $50, which I took advantage of as I also ordered a pink with gold stitching Issac Mizrahi dress that was sold out in my size in the store as well. It's really much prettier in person than in this picture and I had to have it. (I'll miss Issac's dresses when he's done with Target. )


amyfaden said...

Hello, I was wondering where you found that striped dress at and what brand it was? I've been looking everywhere for it. I owned it and it was my ALL TIME favorite dress..last summer i went backpacking through Europe and left it at a hotel :(. Please help!

amyfaden said...
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