Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Week-long Necklace Binge

Hello again fellow shoppers. I have not posted in a week! I was not on vacation. I was not in bed with the flu. I was not not making purchases. Just busy busy. I've pretty much been too busy to shop in person, so I've been spending a lot of time on eBay while I eat breakfast and I've been finding some good cheap necklaces this week. I've bought seven new ones recently (total with shipping was about $69) which I would say is an official binge.

Here are six beaded beauties that are on their way--five from my favorite place on eBay to buy cheap baubles, Jewels n Treasures run by super nice Sally in Wisconsin who offers free shipping if you buy three or more items. The white one with the funky bumpy beads that look sort of like popcorn is from another seller.

Here's another eBay find (which I'm wearing right now). It's a great length and seems to go with everything. It's a heavy metal enameled link Monet that came with a bonus pair of Trifari clip-on earrings. (Normally I'd convert the clip-ons to a wire and wear them. I've done this to loads of old Sarah Coventry treasures. These, however, are too heavy for my ears, so you'll find that at my upcoming garage sale--May 17th--along with many other interesting vintage items I've acquired that haven't quite worked out.)

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