Saturday, May 10, 2008

BCBG Shoe Bargain--Lunchtime Shopping at DSW

I took a quick lunch-hour shopping trip to DSW the other day. My co-worker/friend had a pair of shoes to return and I had a $10 DSW Rewards coupon (thanks to Cheapy's wine-induces shoe shopping extravaganza).

It was one of those days, however, where once I got to shopping I had a feeling I wouldn't find anything. Shopping at DSW is sort of like shopping at a thrift store--it's very hit-or-miss, you-never-know-what-you're-gonna-get (which I guess is more a box of chocolates as Forrest Gump taught us.)

My friend had found a pair of shoes to exchange for the ones that, somehow, she couldn't walk in. (This friend strides around flawlessly on the highest and thinnest of heels--and talent I envy. Material Girl needs something more substantial at my base).

So there I was, bummed at leaving empty handed. Then I saw these BCBC t-strap wedges.

After my coupon paired with a 20% off "for a friend" coupon, I got them for $19.98. And I love them. They are tall, but they are squishy and super comfortable. They're not leather so I normally would have passed them by--PVC can get sort of warm and sweaty under the tootsies. But I had just been thinking, one, that I need some more spring/summer shoes (I'm pretty good on the boots), and two, that I needed some white footwear. These are perfect. They're sporty and they would be fine stomping through rain puddles. They're also great with a number of my summer dresses.

I found them on Amazon for around $78. And I also discovered that they come in an array of colors--I'm so tempted to get more! The red and the silver are calling to me.

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